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Hansard International Profile: Who is Hansard?

Financial services provider Hansard International caters to offshore investors.

This page will look into Hansard International profile, with the following talking points:

  • Who is Hansard International Limited?
  • Hansard International History
  • Hansard International Contact
  • Hansard International Products
  • Hansard International Login
  • Hansard International Performance

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It may be easier to assess the performance and decide if the products are appropriate for growing your investment portfolio if you are aware of Hansard International background.

Hansard International Profile

Hansard International Profile

Who is Hansard International Limited?

Hansard International is a life assurance firm in the Isle of Man that serves as the principal operating arm of LSE-listed Hansard Global.

Hansard customizes its offerings to appeal to institutions, asset management firms, and wealthy foreign investors. Only independent financial advisors and financial institutions’ retail branches are used to distribute these products.

Furthermore, via a network of account executives, Hansard offers customized support services to financial advisors in strategic global regions. Hansard OnLine is a multilingual online platform that supplements this support.

To help businesses from Asian developing economies, Hansard International has been granted permission by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority and the Labuan Financial Services Authority to operate a branch in Malaysia.

Furthermore, with authorization from the Japanese Financial Services Agency, the business runs a branch in Japan to support its offerings there. Hansard International partners with a local insurer in the United Arab Emirates to reinsure business written off.

Under the auspices of the 1991 Life Assurance Regulations, Hansard International is additionally a participant in the Isle of Man Policyholders’ Compensation Scheme.

Hansard International History

Since 1987, Hansard International Limited Isle of Man has provided financial services and products to clients throughout the world.

Hansard International has made great progress in creating channels of distribution for its products in Japan.

Hansard International parent firm Hansard Global was formed in 1970.

Hansard International Contact

Hansard International Contact

Hansard International Products

Among the life assurance products that Hansard International provides are:

  • unit-linked life assurance plans
  • single premium life assurance plans
  • customized life assurance products with investment options

The options available for savings and investing are:

Advisors in East and Southeast Asia are able to provide access to these products.

Hansard International Login

Users using either portal for policyholders or advisors must register before they may log in to Hansard International.

You must have received an email registration invitation from Hansard; if not, send them an email or call them through the contact details provided above.

Because of recent system changes, Online Accounts has moved to a new location. You might need to re-register, particularly if you visited the prior Online Accounts before March 1, 2024.

Policyholders can log in here, and advisors can log in via this link.

Hansard International Performance

In comparison to 2022, fees from Hansard International and Hansard Worldwide dropped by 2.7 million British pounds to 43.6 million pounds for the year ended June 30, 2023, according to Hansard Global annual report. This drop was mostly caused by a reduction in transactional income and a fall in new business.

Hansard International’s deferred income amortization decreased from the prior year, but immediately recognized fees—such as surrender charges from redemptions—did not.

Assets under administration at Hansard International climbed from 1.02 billion pounds in 2022 to 1.04 billion pounds in 2023, accounting for the majority of the 1.10 billion pounds aggregate logged for the Hansard Group.

AUA increases are typically a sign of expanding businesses, growing clientele, and maybe rising management fee income.

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