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Acorn Property Group Review

Acorn Property Group is a business that focuses on development and rehabilitation as its primary activities.

They have accomplished the delivery of a wide range of residential-led rehabilitation and new construction housing projects in London, South Wales, and South West England.

For more than 25 years, Acorn has been planning and creating brand-new residential and commercial spaces for a variety of clients, including people and corporations.

Their designs are painstakingly developed to motivate their customers and improve the quality of their working lives as well as their personal lives.

Acorn lays a strong focus on providing architectural designs that are fascinating, harmonious, and long-lasting, and that increase the value and relevance of the location in which they are situated.

Here’s a review of the Acorn Property Group.

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What Is Acorn Property Group?

Acorn is an independent organization that focuses on the process of redevelopment and urban renewal.

Acorn has, over the course of a number of years, productively generated a wide array of plans that give priority to residential restoration and new buildings.

Acorn is a corporation that has created offices in a number of different cities, some of which include London, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, and Cornwall.

The firm is well-known for its competence in the creation of bespoke real estate projects that are fashioned to cater to the particular requirements of the local community.

Acorn is a dynamic collaborative partner that collaborates with numerous stakeholders including landowners, introducers, local authorities, governmental bodies, housing associations, and charity organizations.

They have been able to establish themselves as one of the most successful property developers and collaborators in the country by strictly following the tenets of Acorn’s ‘Different by Design’ concept.

This has been made possible by the highly skilled and inventive management, construction, and sales teams that they have.

Acorn Property Group
Modern residential space with a cozy outdoor patio

Acorn, a company that was established in 1995, focuses a large emphasis on the creation of architecture that is both engaging and sustainable, while also contributing to the betterment of the environment that it is a part of.

The internal workforce of the organization is made up of experts in the sectors of architecture, interior design, urban planning, surveying, and construction management.

These individuals are considered dependable in exploiting all of the opportunities that are now accessible. 

They have the competence to, in conjunction with their brand, sales, and marketing teams, devise and put into action the most effective plans that are specifically adapted to each individual location and community.

The firm takes great satisfaction in the fact that it has a diversified portfolio that includes properties located in both urban and rural locations, as well as brownfield and greenfield sites. 

Their portfolio includes both new constructions and conversions, some of which involve listed structures, as well as a large number of mixed-use sites that are designed to serve the needs of both residential and commercial customers.

8 Developments of Acorn Property Group

1. The Links, Rest Bay, Porthcawl

The Links is a real estate development that has been meticulously built to merge the old and modern aspects in a way that is harmonious.

This was done in order to create a sense of continuity. It includes the renovation and makeover of a Victorian building that is classed as Grade II, as well as the construction of many newly built houses that have been precisely thought out.

Only four apartments inside the magnificent new construction phase of The 18th at The Links are still available for purchase. These can be found beside a singular unique home that is found inside of a wonderful building that is on the historic register.

Karndean flooring, built-in closets, carpeting, and integrated Bosch appliances are some of the typical amenities that come standard in the coastal houses that are now being offered for sale. 

All of the flats are equipped with these high-quality amenities, which have received accolades for their outstanding performance. It is strongly suggested that everyone who is interested capitalize on this chance while they still can.

The recently built homes can be found in close proximity to the Welsh Coast Path and are located right next to South Wales’ most popular surfing beach, which is renowned for its unspoiled golden beaches.

Golf aficionados will find the setting to be rather amazing since it is located right next to the illustrious Royal Porthcawl Golf Club, which has been honored with a great deal of acclaim.

The wonderful golf course can be seen from a number of the apartments in Phase 2, which provide amazing views of the surrounding lush countryside and the ocean beyond.

2. Hazel Green, Urchfont

The exclusive community of Hazel Green offers a small selection of detached homes with three to four bedrooms.

These homes are located in the charming town of Urchfont and provide breathtaking vistas of the countryside in the area. This exclusive residential complex has been precisely planned to promote energy efficiency, which will result in lower monthly energy costs and a smaller overall carbon impact.

The residences are outfitted with cutting-edge air source heat pumps, underfloor heating on the ground level, photovoltaic panels, intelligent heating controls, and solar thermal storage for hot water.

Additionally, the infrastructure is prepared to allow charging sites for electric vehicles. The final product lives up to expectations in terms of quality.

Urchfont, which has been given the coveted title of ‘Winner of Winners’ in the 2021 CPRE Wiltshire Best Kept Village Competition, features a multitude of rustic charm, ranging from traditional thatched houses to the 17th Century Urchfont Manor and a gorgeous duck pond.

The competition was held to determine which village in Wiltshire had the best-kept village. Urchfont won the competition.

Take a stroll through the old Peppercombe woodland or choose one of the many hiking paths to examine the attractive surroundings in a more in-depth manner. Either way, you’ll get a feel for the relaxed pace of life in the country.

Urchfont Primary School, a convenience store, a public house, tennis courts, a dental office, and an auto repair shop are all located in the adjacent neighborhood. There is also a dentistry practice and an automotive repair business.

Just 5 miles away, the well-known market town of Devizes provides additional conveniences for travelers. The town is very proud of its historical past, as seen by the abundance of over 500 structures that have been designated as historical landmarks.

Its central Market Place acts as a key center, and the town’s active citizenry often organizes a variety of events, including a Food and Drink Festival that is looked forward to with great anticipation.

The Pewsey railway station, which can be reached at a distance of 9 miles and provides direct train connections to both Exeter and London, is a convenient method to increase one’s choices for travel and broaden their range of destinations.

3. The Old Printworks, Frome

A remarkable collection of apartments with 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms, The Old Printworks can be found in the town of Frome.

This new construction has been given an award in recognition of the outstanding quality of its design and construction. It was one of the most successful color printers in Britain and was located on the grounds of Butler, Tanner & Dennis, which is where it is now.

The construction of the new homes was carried out in three stages, with the first stage having already been finished, during which all of the units were purchased, and occupants having moved in. The second phase of the project has likewise been quite successful, with over 85 percent of the available apartments being purchased.

The residential apartments have been designed to accommodate modern ways of living, and they are equipped with excellent standards and environmentally friendly features such as an Energy Performance Certificate with a rating of B, triple-glazed windows and doors, and a shared electric car charging station.

The residential buildings have been developed with an emphasis on encouraging well-being, and they provide simple access to wide green spaces, a specific play zone for children, and handy walkways that link to magnificent riverfront walks along the River Frome. Additionally, there is a designated play zone for adults.

The new housing complex is situated in a handy location, adjacent to the town center and the railway station in Frome.

As a result, it provides quick access to direct train lines that run to Bristol, Bath, and London. Because there are many excellent educational institutions in the surrounding area, this location is an excellent choice for families.

4. Cottrell Gardens, Bonvilston

This residential complex will be constructed in two phases, each of which will have a unique collection of three, four, and five bedroom homes. Access is also provided to extensive expanses of open space by the construction.

Each home has been thoughtfully constructed with a modern way of life in mind, and has high-quality, custom-fitted kitchens that are outfitted with energy-saving equipment.

Acorn Property Group
A modern residential space with floor-to-ceiling windows, minimalist design

Each home has been endowed with a feeling of brightness, expansiveness, and airiness thanks to the usage of open floor plans for the living rooms and the installation of big windows.

Bonvilston is a charming hamlet that can be found in a region of the Vale of Glamorgan that is highly sought after.

It provides an excellent position that makes it possible to live in a way that is a harmonic combination of rural and urban settings. Residents will also have the benefit of being able to use a leisure area that has been set aside specifically for the use of children’s play equipment.

Some of the homes in the area are situated in a way that affords breathtaking views of the Cottrell Park Golf Course, which has been lauded for its superiority.

The gorgeous Vale of Glamorgan offers a wonderful living environment and is situated within a 9-mile radius of Cardiff, making it a handy location for commuters.

In addition, one has the option of using the quaint village store as well as the three public houses that are located in close proximity, or alternatively, one may begin on a journey of about 5 miles to the lovely market town of Cowbridge, where the High Street is home to a variety of luxury retail enterprises, cafés, and eating places.

5. The Courtyard at Duporth

The Courtyard at Duporth is a unique community that consists of thirty-eight dwellings with either two or three bedrooms.

These homes are situated on top of a private beach and provide a breathtaking view of St. Austell Bay. The property is located in close proximity to Charlestown, which is known for its picturesque hamlet.

A manicured courtyard and a clock tower that has been given the status of a Grade II listed structure serve as the focal points of the complex. In addition to this, the development has other advantages, including views of the ocean and a southern aspect.

Each home has been methodically designed and created to meet demanding standards, and considerable thought has been given to the possibility of making additions or alterations in the future.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the hamlet of Charlestown is located less than one mile away from the development, which is located in an excellent position for the purpose of experiencing the south west area.

In addition, the development is placed in an ideal location for the purpose of exploring the south west region. The property also has the benefit of offering access to a secluded wooded area as well as a beach that is shielded from the wind.

The Courtyard at Duporth is a residential property that is a part of the Lifetime Living Collection. This collection is built specifically for those who are at least 55 years old.

6. St. Leonards Quarter, Exeter

St. Leonards Quarter is a freshly created collection of dwellings in Exeter’s very attractive and sought-after St. Leonards area. These homes have anything from one to five bedrooms, and their prime location in the city makes them highly sought after.

The custom-built residences will offer a superior standard of specifications and eco-friendly architecture, including a fully equipped kitchen with triple-paned windows, energy-efficient appliances, photovoltaic panels, an EPC rating of B, and the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding landscaped greenery.

In addition, the residents will have the opportunity to take advantage of the custom-built residences’ ability to enjoy the surrounding greenery.

The new development is situated in an ideal location, adjacent to both the River Exe and the central business district of Exeter. This affords residents the benefits associated with living in a suburban area while still providing them with the conveniences of a city center.

The St. Leonards Quarter is situated in a position that is just right for taking advantage of all that Exeter has to offer.

St. Leonards Quarter is a very popular area for families and professionals owing to its easy access to a wide variety of local facilities, schools that have received outstanding ratings from Ofsted, hospitals, and great transit choices, all of which are within walking distance from one another.

7. Rolle Gardens, Exmouth

A magnificent new community of 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom homes and flats, Rolle Gardens, can be found in Exmouth.

These gorgeous new homes will be built to a high degree and will benefit from private outdoor space as well as allocated parking. They will provide the very best in contemporary living.

The residences are located less than ten minutes on foot from Exmouth Beach and are near to the new purpose-built Deaf Academy in Exmouth.

Because of their location, residents will be able to take pleasure in strolls along the Exmouth coastline, the unspoilt countryside, and the bustling town center.

Exmouth is the first town along the Jurassic Coast, which is a World Heritage site, and it is located on the gorgeous east coast of Devon, where the River Exe meets the sea. Exmouth has the longest beachfront in both Devon and Cornwall, measuring in at a whopping two miles of golden sand.

The town has a wide variety of stores, places to dine, and local events, such as the well-attended Exmouth Festival.

A brand-new watersports center has just opened up on the seashore, and it is providing a wide variety of activities to its customers, from kiteboarding to paddleboarding.

8. Longcroft at Cubis Bruton, Bruton

Longcroft is the second and last phase of Cubis Bruton, and it is comprised of twenty-eight modern homes with either three or four bedrooms.

The next phase, which will be built in a natural amphitheatre with a view of Bruton and include cutting-edge architecture and a one-of-a-kind design, will be very sustainable.

All of the residences at Longcroft will get an A rating on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) since they will be equipped with photovoltaic (PV) panels, triple-glazed windows, and a mechanical ventilation heat recovery system.

Bruton is a creative town that is recognized as a center for worldwide art and architecture. The surrounding Somerset countryside is beautiful, but that’s not all it has to offer.

Longcroft at Cubis Bruton is conveniently located next to the fashionable main street of Bruton as well as the internationally acclaimed Hauser & Wirth art gallery.

Because there is a direct connection to London via the neighboring Castle Cary station, Longcroft is an enticing option for those who wish to work in London yet live in the countryside at the same time.

12 Steps To Buying A Property From Acorn Property Group

Acquiring a new property can be a less intimidating endeavor with the assistance of the guide that aids in navigating the house-buying process, regardless of whether it is your initial foray into the real estate market, an investment opportunity, or a move to a larger or smaller residence.

Presented below is a systematic guide for the acquisition of a new property.

Step 1

The first step involves securing your financial resources.

Acquiring a real estate asset constitutes a significant milestone that may entail a considerable enduring monetary obligation; hence, it is imperative to ensure that your ideal abode will enable you to relish the desired way of life.

It is advisable to obtain a mortgage agreement in principle prior to commencing a property search.

Step 2

The second step involves identifying the optimal property that suits your preferences.

Would you prefer to reside in a bustling metropolis, experience the best of both urban and rural lifestyles in a small town, dwell by the seaside, or reside in the remote countryside?

One can conduct a search for the properties of interest based on the development name, location, or collection. Examine their assortments.

Step 3

The third step in the process involves the completion of reservation paperwork with the sales team after a decision has been made.

In the event that a program such as Assisted Move or Help to Buy is deemed relevant, additional procedures will be elucidated.

At this juncture, it is necessary to remit the reservation fee, which constitutes a portion of your deposit and serves to secure the property for you throughout the reservation period.

Step 4

Step four involves the arrangement of the mortgage. There exists a wide array of mortgage products that are currently available in the market.

It is imperative to identify the optimal option that aligns with one’s individual needs and preferences.

One possible course of action is to conduct independent research or seek guidance from a professional financial advisor. Acorn can facilitate contact with some individuals if you so desire.

Step 5

Step 5 involves the instruction of a solicitor subsequent to the reservation of a property in order to facilitate the progression of the purchase process.

All legal aspects will be handled by them. It is advisable to seek the services of a professional who specializes in conveyancing, which pertains to the handling of property transfer documentation.

Step 6

In Step 6 of the mortgage application process, a valuation and survey of the prospective property will be conducted by the financial advisor or lender. This mandatory step incurs a fee.

Step 7

In the seventh step, the solicitor will undertake all the legal tasks, which include applying for searches and raising any pertinent enquiries with the opposing solicitor.

Step 8

Upon completion of the legal procedures and receipt of the mortgage offer, if applicable, the next step is to proceed with the exchange of contracts.

It is mandatory for this event to occur within a period of 28 days subsequent to the date on which the solicitor of the concerned party received the contract pack from the solicitor of the other party.

As the contractual exchange deadline approaches, your legal representative will review the contractual documentation with you, solicit your signature, and request the remaining 10% deposit for the exchange.

In the event that the new abode is already constructed and finalized, the exchange will transpire with a predetermined completion date. Conversely, if the new dwelling is presently under construction, the exchange will occur with completion on notice.

Step 9

Progress Reports on Construction Advancements. Acorn will provide you with regular updates regarding the progress of the construction of your new property, as well as the projected date of completion.

Step 10

Upon completion of the construction of your new property, Acorn will extend an invitation for a home demonstration tour.

The sales and site personnel will facilitate your comprehension of the construction and functionality of your property. Upon receiving a legal completion date, it is advisable to promptly schedule your removals.

Step 11

Upon satisfaction of all legal requirements, the process of legal completion will ensue. At this stage, the solicitors representing both parties will ensure that all necessary documentation and formalities have been duly executed.

Acorn Property Group
A minimalist modern residential space with floor-to-ceiling windows

Subsequently, the mortgage lender will be notified by your solicitor to release the funds. In the event that you do not possess a mortgage, your legal representative will solicit the transfer of funds to their account in preparation for the finalization of the transaction.

The transfer of funds from the user’s solicitor to Acorn’s solicitor is a necessary step for legal completion.

Upon receipt of the funds by their solicitors, confirmation will be exchanged between the solicitors, allowing for the legal completion to proceed. Upon confirmation, the keys can be retrieved from the sales team.

A phone call will be made to confirm the details. Upon reaching this phase, you shall receive a manual for home ownership.

The present manual is intended to provide comprehensive details regarding the property, encompassing the serial numbers of the appliances, as well as instructions and guides.

Step 12

Upon completion of the move-in process, the aftercare team of the housing provider will undertake measures to ensure the satisfaction of the tenant with the new property. Any concerns or inquiries that may arise will be promptly addressed by the team.

Acorn Property’s Assisted Move

To ensure that you don’t lose out on the opportunity to purchase your ideal Acorn house, Acorn can assist you with the expeditious sale of your current residence.

The Assisted Move program that Acorn provides is designed to assist you in finding a buyer for the house you now own so that you may work with Acorn Property Group to discover the ideal new residence for you and your family.

Acorn’s goal is to make the process of selling your property as stress-free as possible by collaborating directly with a real estate agent in your area and providing help at every stage of the transaction.

The detailed instructions provided by Acorn are as follows:

Step 1: Decide The Location You Want To Build On

You may choose the plot that you want to reserve on one of the Acorn developments that are currently available.

Step 2: Make A Reservation For Your New House

Fill out the necessary documents for the reservation, then pay the charge associated with the reservation.

Step 3: Select The Agent You Want To Work With

Acorn will coordinate the inspection of your home by two different real estate professionals in the neighborhood.

On the basis of these evaluations, they will come to an agreement with you and the agent or agents of your choice over the marketing price.

Step 4: Find A Potential Buyer

Your preferred new house will be removed from the market by Acorn for a period of six weeks while the company works closely with the agent or agents to locate a buyer for the property you now own.

At the conclusion of the time of six weeks, the progress that has been made will be observed and assessed, and an extension may be given if it is determined to be suitable.

Step 5: Contract Is Presented To The Parties

Once a buyer has been found, the real estate agent will finish the reservation process by sending the contract to your solicitor.

Step 6: Ongoing Support

Acorn will continue to work with the real estate agent and the attorneys to deal with all elements of your transaction, and they will keep you informed and advise you as necessary.

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