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AngelHub Review

Learn about AngelHub’s potential to open new avenues in international funding and complement your broader investment strategy. In this AngelHub review, we will look at the company’s background and investments.

AngelHub Limited is a regulated platform for investing in tech startups. It enables professional investors to work together to support verified innovative startups ranging from Series A to unicorn status. It assists investors’ decision-making by providing relevant business insights and due diligence information.

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Tech investment can offer a good investment opportunity.

The startup investment platform employs a team of investment professionals who rigorously examine companies and curate possibilities for the investor community.

AngelHub ensures equity and transparency in the investment process by:

  • conducting thorough due diligence
  • providing comprehensive startup data
  • outlining transparent investment terms
  • verifying investor credentials
  • utilizing an equitable allocation mechanism
  • providing investor education and assistance
  • protecting investor interests
  • maintaining ongoing monitoring and reporting

The Securities and Futures Commission also regulates AngelHub Limited.

However, there are substantial risks involved even if it can generate huge returns. This is because of the unpredictable nature of startup investing and the tech business. It’s important to reach out to a financial advisor.

AngelHub Review: Investments

AngelHub Review

As of November 2022, investors had received a total return of USD 9.1 million from AngelHub Limited, which requires a minimum investment of USD 10,000. It has a track record of 25 campaign investments.

In less than two years, the investment platform has produced two exits and the return generated from investments is 2.1 times the initial amount invested.

Who can invest in AngelHub?

AngelHub Limited offers professional investors access to a new asset class and streamlines the fundraising and investing procedures by democratizing tech investment.

You must show that you have HKD 8 million in liquid assets, or the equivalent amount in any foreign currency, in order for AngelHub to recognize you as a professional investor.

AngelHub Fees

AngelHub Limited does not assess annual management fees.

To pay for the annual special purpose vehicle structure and other related administrative expenses, an upfront 5% administration fee is assessed for each investment. Furthermore, upon withdrawal or dividend distribution, a 20% carried interest fee is levied to the profit made from the invested amount.

How to invest in AngelHub

How to invest in AngelHub
  1. Register and submit to validation as a professional investor.
  2. Browse the investing choices.
  3. Execute the investment, as AngelHub takes care of all the paperwork, legal procedures, and fund transfers.
  4. Think about making at least ten startup investments to increase your chances of success.

Pros and cons of AngelHub investment

Now let’s tackle the positives and negatives of tech startup investing in this AngelHub review.

What are the benefits of investing in AngelHub?

Investing in AngelHub offers access to innovative projects, with reduced risk through collaborative investment. Enjoy legal security and camaraderie among investors, while leveraging best practices for secure investments.

Investors can engage with investment opportunities on a user-friendly web platform and participate in informative Zoom meetings. There’s a range of funding options and comprehensive support available through the investment provider.

Risks of investing in AngelHub

Just like any other investment, investing in AngelHub comes with some risks, such as the possibility of losing money and low liquidity. Due to the early stage of the companies and the uncertainty around their performance, there is a substantial risk involved, especially with startup investments. Even if many startups might fail, there is a chance that they could profit greatly from this risk.

Investors should only commit money they can afford to lose.

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