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Bordier UK Review

Here is a Bordier UK review, a company that has firmly established itself as a reputable and trustworthy supplier of investment management services throughout the course of its history. 

Bordier & Cie is a private bank based in Geneva, Switzerland that was established in 1844. The company specializes in wealth management for private clientele.

It is the only French-speaking private banker left in Switzerland, and it is led by three partners who each have unrestricted responsibility for their own assets.

In addition to having locations in the United Kingdom, France, and Uruguay, this financial institution is licensed to do banking business in Switzerland, the Turks & Caicos Islands, and Singapore.

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What Is Bordier UK?

Bordier & Cie (UK) PLC (also known as “Bordier UK“) is a specialized investment management that fosters a long-standing culture of consistency and quality.

This may be seen in the success of their portfolios, the service provided by their team, or the reports that they provide.

The management of investment funds for general investment accounts, individual savings accounts (ISAs), pensions, trusts, and offshore bonds is the primary emphasis of the organization.

The primary partners include of individual private customers as well as professional advisors, trustees, charitable organizations, family offices, and huge institutions.

Bordier UK Review
Bordier UK logo.

Bordier & Cie (UK) PLC may not be a familiar name to everyone, but it is the result of a longstanding partnership between a modern British boutique and a prestigious Swiss bank. 

Bordier UK stands out by combining the finest aspects of European and British investment management, while maintaining a subtle approach that is characteristic of both cultures.

Their investment solution is confident yet straightforward, and they provide clear and transparent communication in multiple languages regarding performance, fees, and investment strategies.

Their objective is to improve performance through operational efficiency, hard work, and investment expertise. Bordier UK’s GBP performance history is a crucial factor that substantiates the lineage of its namesake.

Bordier & Cie (UK) PLC has a rich history in London dating back to 1981. The company’s roots can be traced to the establishment of Berry Asset Management by Jamie Berry.

In 2001, The Bordier Group acquired a stakeholding in Berry and formed a strategic alliance with them. Subsequently, the relationship has progressed and expanded considerably. The company underwent a name change in September of 2014.

Bordier UK is a firm that specializes in offering investment management services. The company serves a diverse range of clients, including private individuals, trustees, personal pensions, charities, and City livery companies.

The company is distinguished from many of its rivals by the following features:

  • Management of investments is the main focus.
  • No sellable goods produced in-house
  • A transparent and reasonably priced pricing system
  • Providing Asset Risk Consultants (ARC) with a portfolio performance report.
  • The firm invests its own capital alongside that of its customers.
  • It is part of Bordier Group led by three Managing Partners with unlimited liability

History Of Bordier & Cie PLC

In 1844, Jaques Reverdin, a former employee of the Pictet bank, created the firm that would later become the Bordier bank in order to pursue a career in banking in Geneva.

Ami Bordier, Reverdin’s son-in-law, joined the firm the next year in 1871 and worked as a business broker. Bordier was assigned the responsibility of running the bank when Reverdin passed away in 1895, and the name of the financial organization was changed to Bordier & Cie at that time.

Pierre and Edouard Bordier, Ami Bordier’s sons, joined their father in the business in 1897 and 1904, respectively. The organization’s offices were moved to its current location in Geneva at number 16, rue de Hollande, in 1906.

This is their location to this day. Ami Bordier took his retirement in 1917, at which time his sons took over management of the bank. In 1936, Guillaume and Jacques Bordier, Pierre’s sons, entered the business as partners.

In 1938, Raymond Bordier, Pierre’s third son, and Edmond Bordier, Édouard’s only son, also joined the partnership.

In 1966, Philippe Bordier, the eldest son of Jacques Bordier, and André Bordier, the son of Guillaume Bordier, became partners in the bank, and by 1974, they were running the business together.

In 1975, the bank began the process of automating and computerizing its banking operations by using a system from IBM.

Later, during the end of the 1980s, the bank made the decision to implement the Olympic software, which enabled its employees to handle online account management for customers.

The first person who was not a member of the Bordier family to hold this post was Pierre Poncet, who was made a partner in the company in 1992.

In 1994, Gaétan Bordier became a member of the bank, making his family the institution’s fifth generation of Bordiers.

Both Grégoire and Evrard, who are also members of the fifth generation, became unrestricted partners in the business in 1997 and 2011, respectively.

Michel Juvet took over as managing partner with unlimited responsibility in 2012, succeeding Pierre Poncet in that role.

In the year 2020, the legal status of the Bordier bank was converted to that of a partnership that was limited by shares.

The institution kept its position as a “private banker,” making it the last in Romandie and the only French-speaking bank in Switzerland to have this unique structure with unlimited liability on the management partners’ private assets.

How Does Bordier & Cie PLC Operate?

Geneva is the location of Bordier & Cie’s main office, and the company also has locations in Nyon, Bern, and Zurich.

It has offices in Brest, Paris, London, Montevideo in Uruguay, Rennes, Providenciales in the Turks & Caicos Islands, and Singapore in addition to its headquarters in Switzerland. The Swiss Private Bankers Association is one of the organizations that it is affiliated with.

Bordier & Cie acts as private bankers. Their primary emphasis is on wealth management, which includes providing clients with tax guidance, financial planning, and family services.

By the end of 2020, they will have around CHF 14.2 billion in assets under administration. Bordier FinLab SA was established in 2015 as a subsidiary of Bordier & Cie. The goal of Bordier FinLab is to make investments in a wide variety of asset types.

Bordier FinLab’s strategy is particularly aimed at employing seeding and/or capital acceleration to make investments in products that are currently through the process of development. This strategy is based on specific investing criteria.

Bordier FinLab SA collaborates with a select group of well-established financial partners, some of whom include banks, money-market fund officers, and investment advisors and managers. 

Last but not least, Bordier FinLab is a technical intelligence provider that focuses on trends and advancements in the banking sector (such as Fintech, Blockchain, and more), and it has the potential to serve as an incubator for Bordier Group in certain circumstances.

What Are The Subsidiaries Of Bordier & Cie PLC?

In 2001, Bordier & Cie purchased a 45% stake in the private management company Berry Asset Management, which was located in the United Kingdom. It grew its stake in the firm to 90 percent in 2007, at which point it became the company’s main stakeholder.

The business first entered the Uruguayan market in 2007, and in 2018 it completed the acquisition of Helvetia Advisors, a consulting firm.

The Paris branch of the bank was first established in 2006 as a subsidiary of Bordier & Cie (France) S.A., and in 2017 regional offices were established in Brest and Rennes.

In 2011, Bordier & Cie established a presence in Singapore with the opening of a branch. In 2018, the bank formed a partnership with the Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank in Vietnam, and two years later, the two entities established a joint venture.

Why Choose Bordier UK?

Bordier UK’s only mission as a specialized investment manager is to provide investment management solutions to professional advisors, charitable organizations, family offices, and other major institutions.

One of the services offered by Bordier UK is the administration of assets held in general investment accounts, individual savings accounts, pensions, trusts, and offshore bonds.

If you decide to use Bordier UK for the management of your customers’ assets, you and your clients will be able to take advantage of the following opportunities:

The Bordier Group

The Bordier Group has excellent financial footing, with a healthy Tier 1 Capital Ratio of 33.7% (December 2022). It is a rare example of a large, privately held company operating in the UK DFM sector. The Bordier Group provides multi-currency, multi-location, and on- and offshore solutions. Three unlimitedly liable Managing Partners are responsible for running the business.


A proven track record of fund selection, long-term performance, and excellent asset allocation, as well as tenure of top management.

Discretionary Services

Bordier UK is able to meet the needs of each client, regardless of whether they are located on or off of a platform, how large or little their business is, since all customers get the full benefit of Bordier UK’s experience.

Awards And Ratings

Bordier UK has been given Defaqto 5 Star Ratings for all of its portfolio offerings, including custom, managed, and platform managed portfolios. In addition to that, it was awarded the Asset Risk Consultants 3D award. Since 2014, it has been recognized as a winner or finalist for over one hundred significant awards in its field.

Bordier UK Investment Committee

A consistent level of performance and management of risk is maintained across client portfolios that have risk profiles that are comparable, and individual manager risk is eliminated as a result of a centralized investing process that is both robust and repeatable.

Alignment Of Interests

The money of the proprietors is invested together with that of the customers, and Bordier UK does not sell any of its own goods.

There is a congruence of interests between you and the client, since the money of the principals is invested alongside that of the customer, and Bordier UK does not offer its own goods.

What Are The Investment Services Of Bordier UK?

Bordier UK investment managers devote all of their time and skill to managing portfolios for private families, trusts, pension funds, offshore bonds, welfare committees, charities, small organizations, livery businesses, and trustees.

The vast majority of their customers desire that they manage their portfolios on a discretionary basis, which means that they make daily choices within the confines of a predetermined structure and risk profile, and they also produce frequent reports to both the clients and the advisors who work with them.

Bordier UK Review: Wealth Management Services

Individuals with a high net worth who are interested in investing bigger quantities of money may take advantage of the discretionary portfolio management offered by the Wealth Management Service offered by Bordier UK.

The service provides its clients with award-winning client reports in addition to a dedicated investment manager and direct contact to its Client Services team.

Here are some unique features of Bordier UK Wealth Management Services:

  • Both active and passive investing options are discussed.
  • An investment manager and shadow manager on their own.
  • Direct communication with their Customer Service staff
  • Onshore or offshore administration of custody
  • Reports given every three months
  • Accounting for transactions
  • Tax pack at the conclusion of the fiscal year
  • Maintaining regular contact with your investment manager
  • Appraisals done online as well as on iOS and Android

There are five different approaches to investments from which you may pick. Each one comes with its own amount of risk and anticipated return, and the Bordier UK investment managers make sure that all of them are actively managed to guarantee that they all fulfill your investment objectives.

Bordier UK Review
An investor in a modern office setting, sitting at a sleek desk with a view of the city skyline.

You have the ability to choose the Income option inside any of their methods, which means that you have the opportunity to get both a consistent income from your assets as well as possible development in their value over the long run.

You choose the method of investing that caters to your financial goals as well as your risk tolerance the most effectively. They take care of everything else, actively managing your portfolio and keeping you apprised of their activities throughout the process.

There is a large variety of investment structures that may be used to hold portfolios, some of which may give you with favorable tax treatment. Your financial advisor will assist you in choosing the investment strategy that is best suited to your unique situation.

Bordier UK Review: Risk Targeted Decumulation Service

The Risk Targeted Decumulation (RTD) Service offered by Bordier UK Investment Managers is a product that has been developed especially for investors who are now in the drawdown phase of their retirement savings and are concerned about taking unnecessary risks while also looking for a more streamlined travel experience.

The primary objective of the three investment strategies (RTD 4, 5, and 6), which are capital preservation and the reduction of the risk of severe capital value erosion in declining markets, both of which are pursued simultaneously with the generation of a stable and consistent income for the investor.

The Bordier UK Investment Managers’ RTD Service is a component of Dynamic Planner’s Risk Target Managed (RTM) solutions.

It may be accessed directly via the Bordier UK platform or through a third-party platform. Its purpose is to verify that the underlying assets map to and are in accordance with the investor’s selected risk profile.

Key features of the Risk Targeted Decumulation Service are as follows:

  • There are three different investment strategies that are handled in line with the decumulation risk profiles (4-6) of the Dynamic Planner and are based on assumptions that are tailored expressly for investors receiving a regular fixed income.
  • A more affordable entry point for active, discretionary investment management.
  • A multi-asset investing strategy that is worldwide and unrestricted in its scope.
  • Using a combination of actively managed and passively managed collective investments is a strategic approach to allocating assets.
  • Exposure to alternative investment funds, with a small portion of the portfolio allocated to cash.
  • Assessment of risk by Dynamic Planner, which is independent and performed on a monthly basis, is compared to predetermined risk limits in order to assist in the provision of a retirement trip that is less bumpy and to slow the rate at which the value of the portfolio drops.
  • To counteract the ‘drift’ that might occur in portfolios, the models are rebalanced at least once every three months.

Investors who use the Bordier UK platform to gain access to the Risk Targeted Decumulation Service offered by Bordier UK Investment Managers will also have direct access to the Managed Portfolio Service team and the online client portal through which they can view current valuations and the performance of their portfolios.

Bordier UK Review: Managed Portfolio Service

The Bordier UK investment managers have only recently introduced a new service called the Managed Portfolio Service (MPS), which is geared for clients who have lower sums of money to invest.

Through the use of this service, investors will have the opportunity to have access to the knowledge of the portfolio management team working for Bordier UK.

The investment service makes active investments in collective investment funds. This ensures that clients may profit from a wide spread of assets across a variety of asset classes, both locally and globally, via the use of the investment service.

The Managed Portfolio Service is a solution for cost-effective portfolio management that includes five unique investment strategies with varied degrees of risk and projected return. 

These methods are offered via the Managed Portfolio Service. In addition, clients are provided with direct access to the Managed Portfolio team and get computerized valuations on a quarterly basis.

Customers have the option to choose from one of five different types of investing methods. For the purpose of ensuring that the investment goals of Bordier UK’s customers are met, the firm’s investment managers actively manage a variety of strategies, each of which has its own one-of-a-kind risk profile.

In addition to the possibility of their assets increasing in value over the long term, the financial advisor emphasizes that each and every strategy provides clients with the opportunity to earn a consistent income from their holdings.

The goal of the partnership between customers and the professional advisors who manage their investments is to adopt an investment plan that is compatible with the clients’ financial goals and risk tolerance levels.

The staff of investment managers at Bordier UK is very conscientious in its oversight of the administration of the client portfolios. They provide both the clients and the advisors of those customers with active management and regular updates.

Investment professionals often advise customers to keep their portfolios in a varied variety of investment structures, some of which may provide clients with favorable tax consequences. 

According to those who specialize in finance and investments, customers may count on the guidance of their professional advisors to help them choose the investment strategy that is most appropriate for them.

Bordier UK Review: Hybrid Passive Risk Targeted Managed Service

Bordier UK offers the Hybrid Passive Risk Targeted (RT) Managed Service, which is an investment solution that is cost-effective and suitable for investors who are mindful of the total service cost.

This service also guarantees that the underlying investments align with the investor’s preferred risk profile.

The investment growth strategies, ranging from Hybrid Passive RT3 to Hybrid Passive RT7, employ a combination of active multi-asset allocation and passive index funds to reduce the cost of underlying funds.

Additionally, these strategies also utilize tactical active collective investments to further enhance their effectiveness. The volatility of each strategy is carefully managed to ensure that it remains within the predefined limits set for the corresponding Dynamic Planner (DP) risk profiles.

The Hybrid Passive RT Managed Service can be accessed either through the Bordier UK platform or through a third-party platform. This service is a component of Dynamic Planner’s Risk Target Managed (RTM) solutions.

The Hybrid Passive RT Managed Service boasts several noteworthy features, including:

  • The nvestment firm offers a range of five investment strategies that are expertly managed to align with Dynamic Planner risk profiles. 3-7.
  • This refers to the availability of more affordable means of obtaining active discretionary fund management services.
  • This investment strategy involves diversifying across multiple asset classes on a global scale.
  • The investment strategy involves a combination of actively managed and passive collective investments to achieve active asset allocation.
  • Efficient management of investment portfolios while minimizing costs.
  • To counteract the impact of portfolio drift, models are rebalanced at a minimum of once every quarter.

By accessing the Hybrid Passive RT Managed Service directly through the Bordier UK platform, investors will have the added benefit of direct access to the Managed Portfolio Service team and online client portal.

This will enable them to view real-time valuations and portfolio performance updates.

Bordier UK Review: Hybrid Passive Managed Service

The Hybrid Passive Managed Service, provided by the Bordier UK investment managers, is a lower-cost investment alternative for investors who are worried about overall service costs. However, this solution does not compromise the quality of the clients’ assets in any way.

Bordier UK Review
An investor holding a tablet.

Active multi-asset allocation is beneficial to each of the five investment growth methods available, which range from Conservative to Aggressive.

Nevertheless, the service brings down the overall cost of the underlying funds by combining low-cost passive index funds with higher-yielding tactical active collective investments.

You may get the Bordier Hybrid Passive Managed Service either by going directly via the Bordier UK site or by going through a third-party platform.

Among the most important aspects of the service are:

  • There are five different approaches to investing, each with a different amount of potential loss and potential gain.
  • Easier access to active discretionary fund management at a lower cost.
  • A worldwide, diversified portfolio investing strategy.
  • Active asset allocation that is comprised of a mix of actively managed and passively managed collective assets.
  • Cost-effective portfolio management.
  • Regular rebalancing of models, at least once every three months, in order to combat portfolio “drift.”

Investors will have direct access to the Managed Portfolio Service team as well as an online client portal if they use the Bordier Hybrid Passive Managed Service directly via the Bordier UK platform. They will be able to monitor up-to-date values as well as the performance of their portfolio thanks to this.

Bordier UK Review: Risk Targeted Managed Service

Investors are given access to investment strategies that are able to thrive as a result of complete discretionary fund management via the Risk Targeted (RT) Managed Service that is provided by the investment managers at Bordier UK.

The goals of these strategies are to maintain volatility within the limits that have been determined for certain Dynamic Planner (DP) risk profiles.

Among the most important aspects of the service are:

  • Strategies available for DP risk profiles 3-7.
  • Methodology for global investment.
  • management of portfolios that is efficient with costs.
  • Appropriate for the needs of both expansion and revenue.
  • Direct access to the staff working on the Managed Portfolio.
  • Electronic assessments performed on a quarterly basis.
  • At least once every three months, models are rebalanced in an effort to reduce the negative consequences of portfolio “drift.”

Bordier UK Review: Platform Managed Portfolio Service

Platform Managed Portfolio Service is a new approach for advisors to access the vast investing knowledge of the Bordier UK investment managers.

This service is offered by the Bordier UK investment managers and includes five models that may be used on a number of platforms. The service provides financial advisors with a solution that is both of high quality and economical for the management of client assets.

The following are important aspects of the service:

  • Management of portfolios in a manner that minimizes costs.
  • Tive different investment expansion techniques.
  • A risk that is classified according to the erratic nature of returns and, as a consequence, equity exposure.
  • Online and hard copy appraisals are available, with periodicity determined by the platform supplier.

The service is made accessible to clients by means of financial advisors, and each model is rebalanced at least once every three months in order to combat the negative consequences of portfolio “drift.”

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