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Nvestiv Alternative Investing Platform Review

This post will review an alternative investing platform called Nvestiv.

Their primary vision is to offer the journey necessary for raising capital seamlessly, which is assisted by technology and IRIS.

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Let’s discuss the background of the investment provider.

Who is Nvestiv?

Nvestiv is an alternative investing platform that helps family offices and high-net-worth
individuals access the types of dealflow required.

The services offered by Nvestiv are good for:

  • Real Estate
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity Investing
  • Private Credit
  • Startups
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Hedge Funds

A few stats about Nvestiv are as follows:

Users – 4,584

Funds and Deals – 1,344

Deals Shared – 30,655

Capital Raised – $ 794 million

Nvestiv Alternative Investing Platform Product Offerings

nvestiv logo

Nvestiv specializes in developing infrastructure that enhances and expands your capital-raising endeavors.

Their primary objective is establishing an environment that genuinely captures investors’ interest in evaluating your deal.


Experience Nvestiv’s DataRooms with an impressive 46% conversion rate. IRIS, the AI companion, generates summaries, reducing deal review time by 80%.

Structured Sharing

Present deal highlights in a preferred format with consistent and organized DataRooms.

Efficient Sharing

Share DataRooms directly from the app with unique links. Maintain control and collaborate seamlessly with added collaborators.

Access Control & Security

Control file access, deactivate links if needed, and ensure confidentiality with built-in NDAs for streamlined security.

Customization and Automation

Customize DataRoom states, automate CRM updates, and gain insights through advanced analytics for informed decision-making.

Communication Hub

Centralize due diligence conversations, manage interactions efficiently, and drive conversions effectively.

Customer Relationship Management Tools

Automated Productivity Enhancement

In the realm of customer relationship management tools, regular updates are paramount, but manual upkeep can be tedious.

Nvestiv addresses this challenge by automating the logging of activities and noteworthy events in the Customer Relationship Management tools.

Comprehensive tracking, including funnel management, relationship status changes, user actions, and others’ engagement, is effortlessly managed.

nvestiv alternative investing platform

Precisely Timed Follow-ups

Recognizing the significance of timely follow-ups in a dynamic business environment, the alternative investing platform emphasizes that effective communication is critical.

The human tendency is to retain only 60% of the information after one hour and a mere 10% after a week.

Considering this, the platform encourages users to schedule and automate follow-ups with investors as they engage with presented materials.

This approach aims to counteract the adverse impact of delayed responses on potential deals.

Intelligent Contact Management

Efficient contact organization is vital, and the Nvestiv alternative investing platform leverages intelligent systems to achieve this.

Contacts are categorized based on data and preferences, utilizing smart lists to facilitate segmentation.

Additionally, the platform enhances contact lists through strategic partnerships, ensuring a comprehensive and well-organized database.

AI-Guided System

The alternative investing platform incorporates an AI-guided system to rank and sort contacts based on their relevance to specific deals.

The Pulse score provides a quantifiable metric indicating the suitability of contacts for the deals in question.

This intelligent guidance system helps users avoid marketing efforts towards individuals who may not align with the goals of their initiatives, ultimately saving valuable time and resources.


The Nvestiv alternative investing platform is known to offer some great services to companies, especially regarding the solutions to raise capital for their businesses.

There are some bad reviews on Trustpilot regarding the company, and therefore, due diligence is required to proceed.

However, there are some great reviews provided for Nvestiv supporting the company’s security features and fundraising potential.

As there are only four reviews on Trustpilot, it might be hard to evaluate the company.

Please note that this review is unbiased and solely based on currently available data. You should not take this as an actual recommendation for choosing the company’s services.

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