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TAM Asset Management Review

TAM Asset Management is a discretionary asset management firm that has received recognition for its services.

It is similar to Pacific Asset Management and Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

The firm collaborates with financial advisers, intermediaries, and other fiduciaries to offer a diverse selection of investment solutions that are designed to meet the specific requirements of their clients.

TAM Asset Management provides investment management services that are available both onshore and offshore, from their offices located in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Understand how TAM Asset Management can enhance your global asset management strategy.

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What Is TAM Asset Management?

TAM Asset Management (TAM) was founded in 2004 by its current Chief Executive Officer, Lester Petch, and has since been lauded for its outstanding performance as a discretionary investment manager.

Due to the fact that TAM maintains fully regulated operations in both Europe and the United Kingdom, the company is in a position to provide investment management services to customers located either onshore or offshore.

TAM Asset Management
TAM offers a wide variety of model portfolio solutions.

TAM is committed to the principle that all investors, regardless of their level of wealth, should be able to make use of the services of professional investment managers.

To achieve this goal, TAM has developed a wide variety of model portfolio solutions that incorporate ESG and Sharia alternatives. These solutions appeal to a variety of client preferences regarding risk, currency, and style.

This idea is also an essential part of the goal of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which is to ensure that investment services are available to all prospective investors without any kind of bias or exclusion.

The purpose of TAM is obvious in that it seeks to maximize the returns on investments made by customers while also exceeding industry standards and assuming only a minimum amount of risk.

TAM is unwavering in its dedication to acting with honesty and transparency in all of its business dealings in order to fulfill its mission of providing an exceptional investment management service to all of its customers. This mission guides the company in all it does.

Why Should Clients Choose TAM Asset Management?

Putting the requirements and concerns of the customers first. The formation of this service has as its primary goal the facilitation of the client’s realization of significant benefits that may be realized as a result of their decision to engage the services of the investment manager.

The investment manager places a high priority on looking out for their customers’ best interests by assuring them that their investments are being overseen by a trustworthy professional and giving them with the option to easily view their portfolio statements at any time of the day or night.

Institutional Access

The capacity of an organization or institution to receive and make use of resources, services, and other resources is referred to as having institutional access.

The investment manager is able to make available to institutional investors a wide variety of low-cost assets that are not available to individual investors.

Dedicated Asset Management Team

The knowledge that the portfolio is being watched over by dedicated members of an investing team instills a feeling of safety.


The primary custodian, Pershing, is really a subsidiary of BNY Mellon, which is a very well-known financial firm all over the world.

Excellent Portfolio Management

The team offers proactive and efficient administration of portfolios so as to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency.

In order to keep the client’s portfolio asset allocation in line with their desired level of risk, the investment manager must show a capacity to be flexible in the face of ever-changing economic fundamentals and market circumstances.


Customers may choose from a number of different conventional and themed investment risk profiles whether investing in USD, EUR, and GBP. There are no additional costs associated with modifying the risk profile.

Long History Of Success And Excellence

The record of the investment manager demonstrates that they are able to successfully protect money while also delivering outstanding return, and this success has been extensively documented.

24/7 Access To Funds

Access your money at your own whim and discretion. Every one of the model portfolios offers daily liquidity and does not impose any redemption fees or lock-in periods on its investors.

Enhanced Documentation And Reporting For Taxes And The Portfolio

The offer of exhaustive openness as well as a current overview of the investment portfolio.

Why Should Advisers Choose TAM Asset Management?

Working together with TAM has the ability to reduce the risk to the company and substantially contribute to the growth of the enterprise.

The company will be able to achieve more success if it places a higher priority on the TAM basic capabilities.

Every year that goes by brings a new degree of challenge to the job of monitoring the investments that customers have with their companies.

It is possible for financial advisers to face a variety of challenges, such as volatile markets, changes in regulations, or increased client expectations.

These challenges may cause them to divert their attention away from their fundamental competencies, which include cultivating relationships, developing strategies, and providing comprehensive financial guidance. 

It is possible for them to focus on their core skills and grow their business if they work together with TAM to provide their customers access to highly regarded investment options.

Improve Your Portfolio Reporting

TAM is able to fulfill their requirements for portfolio reporting thanks to the web-based platform that TAM provides, which allows for the delivery of such reports that are customized to their exact specifications.

  • TAM is able to provide pre-investment analyses and proposals that are customized to meet the requirements of each customer they serve.
  • After doing regular evaluations of their customers, they are able to instantly recover personalized and all-encompassing reports in real-time.
  • Their clients are given round-the-clock online accessibility to their portfolios, which eliminates the need for direct engagement with the company.

You Keep Your Clients

TAM never makes any effort to function independently of its advisers and always works in close partnership with them.

TAM is always available to meet with customers and respond to any concerns or questions they may have about their investments.

Nevertheless, the level of engagement that takes place between TAM and customers is left up to the discretion of the advisors.

Minimize The Burden Of Compliance

As soon as they have an understanding of their customers’ goals and risk profiles, they hand over the task of building and maintaining their clients’ investment portfolios on a day-to-day basis to the team of seasoned professionals at TAM.

The investing technique known as Tactical Asset Management (TAM) is the continuous monitoring of a portfolio in order to guarantee that it conforms to the predefined risk profile and is able to respond to variations in economic and market circumstances.

TAM was developed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Adjustments to the asset allocation or the choice of underlying funds may be required in this case depending on the circumstances.

Develop Their Own Product Or Service Brand

All advisers might benefit from having access to branded material as well as the internet. In addition, TAM is able to design a personalized or branded investment solution that can be easily implemented into their very own web platform.

Reduce Expenditures While Simultaneously Increasing Profitability

By using TAM, the administrative burden of investment management as well as a large amount of the associated regulatory costs are successfully mitigated.

As a consequence of this, advisors are able to save both their time and their financial resources, which in turn enables them to focus on their customers.

Marketing Support

TAM works in conjunction with advisers to produce individualized marketing support. This assistance could take the form of customised literature, seminars, conferences, or other client engagements.

More Investment Options

TAM offers a wide variety of investment opportunities, including traditional model portfolios in addition to those based on particular topics, such as Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Sharia. These options are included in TAM’s extensive selection of investment choices.

What Are The Services Offered By TAM Asset Management?

Managed Portfolio Services

TAM is able to be of support to organizations via the provision of their managed portfolio service.

Working together with TAM has the ability to reduce the risk to the company and substantially contribute to the growth of the enterprise.

Businesses have a better chance of achieving more success when they put an emphasis on the TAM basic competencies. The responsibility of efficiently supervising the investments of one’s customers is fraught with an increasing degree of difficulties with each passing year.

TAM Asset Management
TAM Asset Management manages your portfolio with proper risk management.

Those who work in the financial advisory industry are frequently confronted with a variety of obstacles, such as the volatility of the market, changes in regulations, and increased client expectations.

These obstacles have the potential to divert their attention away from their core competencies, which are the cultivation of relationships, the development of strategies, and the provision of comprehensive financial guidance.

Enterprises will have the ability to focus on their core capabilities and improve their commercial operations if they collaborate with TAM to provide a superior managed portfolio solution to their customers.

Risk Management

TAM provides a selection of risk-profiled model portfolios, from which financial advisors may choose the one that is most suited to meet the needs of their customers’ investment objectives. 

The risk profile of the investment may be altered at any point throughout its life cycle in response to the circumstances of the customer.

TAM offers a comprehensive set of services that vary from protective to exploratory in nature. Additionally, the Premier service gives clients the chance to invest in speculative portfolios.

Accessible Portfolios

TAM has made efforts to increase the availability of its portfolios in order to better serve its clients.

Investing may be done either directly or via the transfer of funds from a variety of accounts, such as an individual savings account (ISA), pension, life insurance bond, or trust. 

TAM has formed connections with a growing list of renowned service providers, which has enabled it to streamline corporate processes by engaging directly with the offices of those service providers.

Flexibility Of Portfolios

TAM’s customers benefit from the firm’s function as a discretionary investment manager since it allows them to swiftly react to key market circumstances by adjusting the compositions of their investment portfolios.

This enables TAM’s clients to obtain maximum value from their relationships with the firm. Tactical Asset Management (TAM) is able to add defensive measures or capitalize on a developing market thanks to the flexibility that is granted to it.

This is accomplished while remaining within the limitations of the rules that govern a specific portfolio.

The chart that is displayed here illustrates the activities that TAM’s investment team took to protect the assets of their customers during the financial crisis that occurred in 2008.

These actions are comparable to the ones that were taken during the market slump that was brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in the year 2020.

Long History Of Success

TAM’s major purpose is to maximize performance and go above and above benchmark norms while simultaneously reducing risk as much as possible.

Their track record of success over the last 14 years is proof of their substantial skill and understanding, both of which are necessary to rapidly adjust to shifting market circumstances. 

Capital Preservation

The maintenance of available cash is a top priority in TAM’s investment strategy. The capability of the investment team to actively manage portfolios enables risk reduction during adverse market situations, which ultimately results in fewer losses for customers’ portfolios.

As a consequence, the use of this strategy may bring about a more stronger recovery of the financial market in the years to come.

This figure displays the mean performance of TAM’s investment portfolios relative to their various benchmarks throughout the financial crisis that occurred in 2008 as well as the market slump that was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the year 2020.

The purpose of this research is to calculate the mean return of the TAM Premier portfolio over the course of two independent time periods, namely from January 1st, 2008 to December 31st, 2008 and from January 1st, 2020 to March 31st, 2020, while taking TAM fees into consideration. 

Each benchmark may be broken down into its component parts, which are comprised of the UK equities market and the sovereign debt market.

The premise that prior results do not always provide a reliable indicator of future benefits is one that has gained widespread acceptance in this industry.

24/7 Account Access

The portfolio management service provided by TAM gives its customers the ability to access their online accounts using any device at any time, which provides a great deal of ease.

Fund Research

TAM keeps tabs on a broad universe consisting of almost 7,000 different funds.

In order to choose the funds that are going to be the best fit for each portfolio, our staff undertakes research that is both organized and exhaustive, as well as in-depth qualitative analysis and thorough due diligence.

TAM is looking to make investments with the most respected fund managers at the major fund houses in the world, with a particular emphasis on institutional-focused funds that have the lowest possible expenses.

The purpose of the analyst team is to identify assets for client portfolios in an accurate manner, and as part of that process, they conduct a large number of manager interviews each year. These meetings are held with the managers in whose funds TAM invests.

MiFID Accounts, Personalized Reports, And Instant Valuations

Business entities realize that the expectations put on advisers entail rapid access to valuations and frequent updates on investments, especially in a situation where customers want expeditious access to information.

This is particularly the case when it comes to investments. The online platform provided by TAM enables the rapid development of customized reports and appraisals for companies based on their specific requirements whenever they are needed.

In addition to this, it provides instant access to the monthly, quarterly, and yearly MiFID statements of its customers, all of which can be downloaded whenever it is most convenient for the user and may be seen immediately.

Investment Process

TAM is committed to following an investing strategy that is methodical and careful.

The process of building client portfolios entails following to a set of particular principles and processes, such as modeling asset allocation, screening and selecting funds from the universe of available funds, and performing continual monitoring of client portfolios.

The use of this strategy guarantees that investment portfolios are diverse and well-balanced.

Due to the fact that the market is subject to continual change, TAM consistently predicts and changes in accordance with the new circumstances.

The client’s investment goals and risk profile are taken into consideration when making decisions on long-term strategic allocations.

In addition, tactical positions with shorter time horizons are included in order to respond to developments and reduce market volatility.

White-Labeled Managed Portfolio Service

TAM is quite proud of the fact that it is an asset management company that offers advisers a white-labeling solution that is both well-established and thorough.

Businesses are able to provide their clients access to a full service for discretionary investment management.

This service includes all pertinent reports, communication, and online access that is personalized with the businesses’ own distinctive corporate identity.

This strategy ensures that the service provider will keep all of their existing clients.

Safety And Security Of Client’s Capital

TAM put the highest importance on the protection of their customers’ money, putting it ahead of the significance of the managing company in terms of priority.

TAM Asset Management
TAM Asset Management ensures the safety and security of its clients’ capital.

TAM places all of its assets under the management of Pershing Securities Limited (Pershing), a recognized custodian that serves more than 600,000 clients and oversees assets with a value in excess of $2 trillion.

This decision was made in order to ensure that the highest possible degree of security is maintained.

The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, which is recognized as a leading worldwide financial and custodial organization, includes Pershing as one of its subsidiaries.

This corporation provides unrivaled levels of protection and assurance, in addition to execution, clearing, and settlement services.

Uncomplicatedness and fluidity are at the core of TAM’s investing philosophy, which is based on the basic ideas that underpin the company’s investment approach.

The portfolios have been assembled using a variety of readily convertible assets that are traded on established market.

The use of derivatives or other structured financial instruments to boost returns at the expense of liquidity has been avoided in the process of putting up the portfolios.

The company provides updates on a daily basis on the time frame in which it is able to restore customers’ cash.

In the event that a customer is dissatisfied with the service they have received or their circumstances change, they are not subject to any restrictions or limits that prevent them from withdrawing or moving their cash.


In order to successfully manage risk and widen exposure, TAM applies diversification tactics that span asset classes, geographical areas, and underlying funds.

Please find included an overview of the asset allocation and fund selection that may possibly be invested in by a Premier Balanced portfolio.

Multi-Asset Fund

TAM Global is a diversified investment vehicle that caters to an investor base that is located all over the world and invests in a variety of asset types. The global balanced strategy with a 15-year time horizon has been rolled into a single fund, which now celebrates three years of performance.

What Is The Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle?

The Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle, often known as the ICAV, is intended to provide a balanced return on investment for its participants over the course of a medium-term investment horizon of at least five years by appreciating the assets included within the portfolio. 

This will be accomplished. The investment structure of the fund is that of a “fund of funds” portfolio, and its primary objective is to provide investors with access to a diversified investment portfolio that is comprised of funds or “collectives” that are UCITS-compliant and are drawn from the global investment universe.

The fund may distribute assets towards collectives such as unit trusts, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), all of which are managed with the goal of generating better performance when compared to their respective markets.

The portfolio in question is open to receiving investments from individuals who are interested in purchasing different asset classes. These asset classes include stocks, government bonds, corporate bonds, multi-asset, alternative investments, and cash.

The fund strives to imitate the benchmark, which is comprised of a fifty percent allocation to the Bloomberg Developed Market Large & Mid Cap Total Return Index.

This index serves as the fund’s standard for determining the appropriate degree of risk exposure to maintain under normal market circumstances.

In order to offer its investors with a dynamic and well-diversified investment portfolio that covers all time horizons, the investment fund maintains the capability to modify its allocation of risk assets depending on the current circumstances of the market. This enables the fund to meet the needs of the investors.

Benefits Of Multi-Asset Fund

  • This well-balanced investing approach has been acknowledged all around the world and given accolades for the results it has produced over the course of the last 15 years. Its success has been shown by a constant track record of positive returns over a period of three years.
  • An effective and straightforward single strategy for independent financial advisers (IFAs) who have inherited customers.
  • The price structure has been made more straightforward and is set; the yearly management charge is 0.15%, which places it among the most competitive rates currently offered on the market.
  • The asset in issue is characterized by high levels of daily trading activity and liquidity. In addition, there are no related costs for entrance or penalties for exiting the market with this asset.
  • The product is available for purchase in a number of different currencies, including United Kingdom Pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR), and United States Dollars (USD).
  • The procedure of setting up the account is straightforward and quick, and there is continuous internet access for instant appraisals at any time of the day or night.

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