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How to Retire in Indonesia

How to Retire in Indonesia.

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In this article, we’ll look into how to retire in Indonesia, detailing visa requirements in particular.

Senior citizens are drawn to Indonesia by its diverse culture, pleasant climate, and low cost of living, making it a popular place for them to retire. You must apply for and be granted an Indonesian Retirement Visa in order to be able to live in the country as a retiree.

How to Retire in Indonesia: Indonesian Retirement Visa Benefits

This type of visa offers perks that other residential visas do not permit. Included in the things you can take advantage of are:

•             You can set up an Indonesian bank account

•             You can acquire a local driver’s license

•             You can get a Multiple Exit Re-Permit (MERP), which lets you leave and re-enter the country as many times as you need

•             You can purchase a car and register it in your name

•             You will gain access to local prices and discounts

How to Retire in Indonesia: Who Can Apply for a Retirement Visa?

You can apply for a Retirement Visa in Indonesia if you meet the following criteria:

•             You are 55 years old and up

•             You have no intention to work in Indonesia

•             You have a pension or other means of supporting yourself financially in Indonesia without the need for employment. This means you have a minimum of US$18,000 per year.

•             You obtain health insurance in Indonesia

•             You sign a rental agreement for a period of at least a year

•             You will employ a maid/domestic helper or a driver in Indonesia

•             You are from one of the following countries:

TABLE for indo

How to Retire in Indonesia: Required Documents for Retirement Visa

There are a number of supporting documents that you must submit when you apply for an Indonesian retirement visa. These consist of:

•             Photocopies of every page in your passport. The passport must have at least six unfilled visa pages and be valid for at least 18 more months.

•             A letter of sponsorship from the retirement agency processing your visa application

•             A letter from you stating that you will hire a domestic worker or maid, that you have found housing in Indonesia, and that you have no intention of working there.

•             A copy of your life and health insurance policy. Here is how to get expats’ international health insurance.

•             If you are renting your residence, the rental agreement must include the name of the landowner or landlord, the address of the home or apartment, the monthly rent, and a copy of the landowner’s identification card (KTP)

•             Providing evidence of your ability to support yourself, such as bank account statements or pension statements. You must possess a minimum of US$ 1,500 per month (or about US$18,000 annually).

•             Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

•             Passport-sized pictures

how to retire in Indonesia visa
Visa in Indonesia

How to Retire in Indonesia: Application Process for Retirement Visa

You need to appoint an Indonesian retirement/travel agency to serve as your sponsor if you want to apply for a Retirement Visa in the country. The Directorate General of Immigration of Indonesia and the Tourism Department both appoint the organizations that can serve as sponsors.

They must submit the application on your behalf at the Indonesian immigration authorities since you are not allowed to apply yourself. These companies will be informed about what kind of documents you have to submit and how to get them, how to lease an apartment, where to get health insurance, etc.

Make sure to thoroughly research the business you intend to hire so you can be sure they are reliable.

How to Retire in Indonesia: Your Retirement Visa is Approved, Now What?

Your application for a Retirement Visa will be approved by the Indonesian Immigration Department, which will also be the one to send you a written confirmation. You must deliver this confirmation to the Indonesian embassy or consulate that has jurisdiction over the region in which you reside. This could be in your own country or in a neighboring territory.

You have to contact the Embassy/Consulate or visit their website so that you know their application requirements. You might need to schedule an appointment.

•             Gather the necessary paperwork to apply for an Indonesia retirement visa. You will be informed of the required documentation by the Embassy or Consulate.

•             Make the Indonesia visa payment. The method of payment varies depending on the particular Embassy or Consulate. Some may require you to pay with a bank account, while others only accept cash.

•             Send the paperwork to the Indonesian embassy or consulate in person or via mail.

•             You should return to pick up your passport and other documents after they make a decision. The Embassy or Consulate will mail them to you if you applied by mail.

•             The Embassy/Consulate will issue your Retirement Visa after which you can depart for Indonesia to submit an application for a residence permit.

•             Once you arrive in Indonesia with a retirement visa, you must visit the immigration office to convert your visa into a temporary residence permit (KITAS). Your temporary immigration status in Indonesia is indicated on your KITAS residence card, which replaces the visa you were issued by the Embassy or Consulate.

•             While your agency should be able to assist you with the KITAS application process, you still need to visit the Immigration Department Office in person to have your photo and fingerprints taken.

how to retire in Indonesia bali
Bali, Indonesia

How to Retire in Indonesia: Employment

You are not permitted to work in any case if you’re an Indonesian Retirement Visa holder. Only foreign nationals who possess an Indonesian Work Visa, which is a work permit issued by the Ministry of Manpower, are permitted to work in the country.

How to Retire in Indonesia: Duration of a Retirement Visa

A Retirement Visa for Indonesia (Retirement KITAS) is granted for a year and may be extended once a year for a maximum of five years. You can apply for a KITAP, or a permanent residence permit, after five years of temporary residence (KITAS).

How to Retire in Indonesia: Retirement Visa to Permanent Residence (Retirement KITAP)

You can apply for permanent residency after extending your Retirement Visa KITAS for five years in a row. The KITAP is a permanent residency permit that can be extended continually every five years.

You will once more require the support of a tour operator or travel agency to submit your application to the Immigration Department for a Retirement KITAP. The following documents are necessary in order to apply for the Indonesia Retirement Visa KITAP:

•             Letter of guarantee/sponsorship from the tourist travel office

•             Your most recent KITAS

•             The original and photocopy of your valid passport

•             The license and tax number of the travel office

•             Your curriculum vitae (CV)

•             Passport-sized pictures

•             Proof of sufficient funds (US$1,500 per month or US$ 18,000 per year)

•             Proof of accommodation in Indonesia

•             Proof of having employed an Indonesian maid/domestic helper during your prior stay

How to Retire in Indonesia: Retirement Visa for Couples or Families

The desire to retire together is common among married couples. They can each submit an application for a Retirement Visa in this scenario, but because each application is handled separately, it’s not always guaranteed that both of them will be eligible for the visa.

One of the partners may apply for a dependent/family visa KITAS in place of a Retirement Visa if the other is under 55 or doesn’t meet another requirement. Furthermore, you can apply for a dependent family visa KITAS for your children aged 18 and below if you want to bring them with you.

A dependent visa KITAS is typically simpler to obtain, as a Retirement Visa with dependents requires the primary visa holder to have higher financial income per month or annually.

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