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Best Global Health Insurance Providers

In this page, we’ll cover some international insurers offering excellent global health insurance plans for expatriates, immigrants, and international citizens.

This best global health insurance providers list includes those that offer comprehensive annual plans for individuals residing abroad for a year or more. The insurers here include:

  • Cigna Global Insurance
  • GeoBlue Xplorer Plan
  • International Medical Group
  • William Russell

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Cigna Global, GeoBlue, William Russell, and International Medical Group can be excellent choices for expatriates living abroad. However, the best insurance for you depends on your specific requirements.

Each insurer caters to a different type of global citizen.

Best Global Health Insurance Providers

Best Global Health Insurance Providers

The best global health insurance providers below include ratings from prominent credit rating agency AM Best.

AM Best assigns ratings ranging from “A++” (Superior) to “D” (Poor), with additional categories like “F” (In Liquidation) and “S” (Rating Suspended).

Cigna Global Insurance

Cigna Global Insurance, established in 1982, was among the pioneers in offering insurance coverage to expatriates and international citizens.

With flexible international health insurance levels and modules tailored to individual needs, Cigna Global ensures comprehensive coverage in nearly every country.

They offer multiple deductible and cost-sharing options, allowing customization of premium costs.

Cigna’s extensive network of international doctors and hospitals, along with their 24/7 customer service, makes them a favorite among travellers and expatriates.

Cigna has earned an A rating from A.M. Best.

GeoBlue Xplorer Plan

GeoBlue Xplorer

GeoBlue’s Xplorer plan is designed for US citizens residing overseas and foreigners living in America.

As an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, GeoBlue offers both short-term travel medical and long-term insurance plans globally.

The Xplorer plan provides comprehensive coverage, including unlimited medical maximum benefits worldwide.

Members appreciate GeoBlue’s extensive network, ease of claim filing, and excellent telehealth services. GeoBlue holds an A- rating from A.M. Best.

International Medical Group (IMG)

International Medical Group offers a wide range of products, from trip cancellation to their long-term international medical plan IMG Global Medical.

With over 20 years of experience, IMG provides international medical insurance, travel insurance, and affordable coverage worldwide.

IMG offers various plans, excellent preventative care coverage, and pricing options, allowing clients to fine-tune their premium costs.

They also provide add-on coverage for global term life insurance, terrorism, sports, and more. IMG holds an A- rating from A.M. Best.

William Russell

William Russell, with 30 years of experience, specializes in providing private insurance benefits in 160 countries.

Their four-tiered plan options cater to individual, family, and future family planning needs.

William Russell ensures comprehensive medical coverage with personalized service and 24/7 customer support.

This is done by offering top-notch coverage for cancer care and extensive preventive care coverage.

William Russell has earned an A+ rating from A.M. Best.

Additionally, several other leading global health insurers offer competitive plans tailored to various needs.

These include Bupa Global, Now Health International, Integra Global Health Insurance, Allianz International Medical Insurance, AXA Global Healthcare, and AIA Group.

Each provider offers unique advantages and coverage options, ensuring expatriates find suitable international health insurance solutions.

How to Choose the Best International Health Insurance

  • Clearly outline your travel intentions and identify any specific medical requirements.
  • Review the reimbursement terms carefully to understand how your insurer handles health issues abroad and what conditions apply.
  • Consider private health insurance options that offer coverage from the first incurred expense, eliminating the need for registration with national social security systems.
  • Customize your plan with additional benefits.
  • Before finalizing your decision, review any exclusions.

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