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19 Best Alternative Investment Platforms In India

Here are the 19 best alternative investment platforms in India that you can utilize right now to diversify your portfolio. Before anything else, let’s define an alternative investment.

Investors are looking for alternate investments more and more as India approaches economic powerhouse status.

These investments are made outside of the conventional investing landscape, which enables you to diversify your holdings and safeguard your wealth from future financial downturns.

Alternative investment funds are a specialized financial instrument that is quickly gaining traction in the Indian financial sector.

Although maintaining lower risks than typical funds, alternative investments can help you diversify your holdings.

It’s an easy way for novice investors to get started, and it’s open to all kinds of businesses and high-net-worth people.

If you are not into alternative investments, you can try the best online trading platforms in India. But since you are here, check out the 19 best alternative platforms in India below.

If you are looking to invest as an expat or high-net-worth individual, which is what I specialize in, you can email me (advice@adamfayed.com) or WhatsApp (+44-7393-450-837).

19 Best Alternative Investment Platforms In India

1. Tyke

19 Best Alternative Investment Platforms In India
Screengrab from Tyke website.

You may invest in privately held companies using Tyke, a cloud-based alternative investing platform and one of the best alternative investment platforms in India.

Tyke allows you to invest in startups. With a dashboard, you can monitor portfolio performance as well as track investments and KPIs.

Tyke has simplified the fundraising process, providing chances for investors like us to support excellent firms. Tyke is focusing on automating private equity investing processes as well.

The terms of an investment round are set by the founders using Tyke, and investors are invited to participate.

Also, Tyke introduced “Analytics,” a new platform that simplifies reporting by offering vital data on the effectiveness of your investment.

It plans to broaden its product offerings by include debt instruments and asset classes connected to fixed income.

Tyke offers a platform where anybody may make a direct investment into a firm, making it ideal for retail investors.

The minimum and maximum investment amounts are set by the fundraising organization, but based on my experience, they often fall within the sensible range of $5,000 to $20,000 per investment.

2. Definite

With fractional ownership in the property, Definite is a technologically advanced platform that offers simple access, asset management, and transparency, to carefully chosen rent-producing commercial real estate assets.

You may invest with Definite in a low-cost, diverse portfolio of technology-enabled real estate of institutional grade.

Investors may build a diverse portfolio of real estate with Definite, which supports different asset classes and geographical locations.

In addition to offering liquidity choices to an otherwise illiquid asset class, Definite offers tech-enabled property management across diverse asset classes.

3. Grip Invest

If you’re wary of taking chances, Grip Invest can be a useful investing tool for you.

The majority of us are reluctant to invest because we are afraid of the market’s volatility even if we want to do it and make decent returns.

The fact that Grip Invest is unconnected to the market is one distinctive characteristic that sets it apart. In order to ensure you get decent returns, it employs a special process that assesses the risks on your behalf.

The gains you earn here are risk-adjusted, in contrast to other asset investment platforms.

Corporate bonds, lease finance, and other investment products are all offered by Grip.

funding for inventories, seed money, and commercial real estate

The return on asset-backed investments ranges from 8% to 21%. Startup investments, in contrast, operate on a high-risk/high-reward model and have no return cap.

You may invest in startup stocks, real estate, goods, and leases through Grip.

It offers comprehensive details on the investment you choose, including its contractual arrangements, financial results, partnership, investment high points, and potential hazards.

If you wish to participate in Grip’s startup equity sector, you must invest a minimum of $2,000,000, however, you may engage in the company’s financing products with as little as $10,000.

The investment network of Grip Invest is remarkable. It boasts a 0% default rate and more than 2.5 million investors. It is one of the most popular venues for alternative investments.

4. Faircent

India-based Faircent is a platform for peer-to-peer lending. It is one of the best alternative investment platforms in India.

Faircent is the first peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform in India to be granted a Certificate of Registration (CoR) by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as an NBFC-P2P.

In addition to allowing investors to support debtors directly, Faircent also functions as an online community for investing in consumer debt starting at $ 500.

Investors in retail can purchase the investments, which have INR as their currency. Fairassets Technologies India Private Ltd, a 2013-founded business with its main office in Gurugram, India, is the organization responsible for the platform.

Faircent effectively acts as a substitute for traditional financial intermediaries like banks, which have grown to be such behemoths that they now dictate all terms and conditions for both lenders and borrowers, by offering a virtual market place where borrowers and lenders may engage directly.

Having to pay thousands of staff and operate hundreds of branches, banks have enormous overhead costs.

Banks must accept significant margins on all monetary transactions in order to remain profitable.

The primary source of income for any bank and the foundation for the operation of all conventional financial institutions has been the differential in interest rates that arise from what a bank pays to depositors and what a bank charges borrowers.

Banks and other financial organizations no longer profit significantly from your transactions thanks to Faircent. Faircent just transfers this benefit forward to you because of its structure, which enables institutional costs to be kept to an absolute minimum.

5. Tradecred

Tradecred is one of the best alternative investment platforms in India. It is an investing platform that only accepts invoice discounting as a type of investment.

This can be viewed as a substitute for the debt market.

Invoice discounting is a type of fundraising technique used by businesses. In the near term, they get little quantities of money from normal investors. These investment opportunities are made available to average people like you and me by Tradecred via its platform.

Businesses can publish their invoices on TradeCred’s website. Depending on their preferences, you may next decide whether to buy a portion of the transaction or the entire offer. These transactions each have a beginning and ending date.

After the deal is done, the company will give the investor their money plus interest accrued during the deal.

You need an active phone number linked to your Aadhar card, a PAN card, and an operational bank account in order to sign up for TradeCred. You may receive up to 12% returns on your investments via Tradecred.

6. RupeeCircle

A future without banks is being transitioned to by the new age finance firm RupeeCircle, one of the best alternative investment platforms in India.

It was established by a group of like-minded, driven individuals with the goal of providing a straightforward alternative banking strategy by directly bringing together responsible borrowers and investors and securing better terms for both parties.

As a result, it has produced a market where loans are funded by investors and borrowers’ needs are disclosed.

With a straightforward, tech-enabled experience and top-notch customer care, RupeeCircle gives everyone access to high-quality credit at competitive interest rates.

But, with great credit risk management and meticulous data science, it provides investors with positive risk-adjusted returns.

7. Lendbox

Lendbox is an NBFC-licensed P2P lending platform with RBI approval. It was first introduced in 2017 and is currently one of India’s top P2P lending services.

Lendbox just had a revamp, and various cutting-edge features were introduced for users.

In order to provide investors low-risk investment possibilities, Lendbox has partnered with a number of renowned institutions.

These companies serve as guarantors for the loans obtained by its channel members and merchants. An annualized return of 12% to 20% is to be anticipated.

8. myPaisaa

India-based myPaisaa is a platform for peer-to-peer lending.

myPaisaa, one of the best alternative investment platforms in India, offers debtors the opportunity to acquire money directly from investors and functions as an online community for investing in consumer debt with a minimum investment of $2,000.

Investors in retail can purchase investments, which have INR as their currency. Finsave Technologies Private Limited, a 2020 business with its main office in Hyderabad, India, is the one responsible for the platform.

The reputable digital savings app myPaisaa is authorized by the Indian government. The platform provides simple, portable investing options in various digital assets, including digital chits and gold.

One of the most traditional savings methods still utilized by many Indian households is being modernized by the platform. With only a few clicks, myPaisaa provides a modernized and trustworthy new-age chit platform for flexible savings, great yields, and simple borrowing.

Also, because of its online presence, it can provide our clients with much superior services. The platform is utilizing India’s digital infrastructure for UPI payments, eKYC, and eSignature to ensure minimum reliance on manual/expensive operational processes.

This action enables our clients to optimize their profits while also enabling us to continue operating profitably.

The platform has now surpassed 50,000 app downloads and generated more than $25 million in revenue from acquired auctions. It is currently approaching the next stage of extremely rapid expansion.

9. Wint Wealth

19 Best Alternative Investment Platforms In India
Wint Wealth logo from Wint website.

A chance to buy high-yield (9%+) debt instruments with superior security is provided by Wint Wealth, a fintech platform. These securities include covered bonds and MLDs.

The expansion of Wint has been caused by the constant decline in fixed-income rates. A Senior Secured Bond is comparable to an FD since it is a dependable and safe fixed-income product.

They do, however, yield, on average, 9% to 11%, which is much more than FD rates.

One of the alternative investing platforms with the quickest growth over the past several years has been this one.

Senior Secured Bonds are sold directly to customers by Wint Wealth from various corporations. For a greater level of protection, it has created covered bonds for private investors.

Wint Wealth offers fully cost-free account opening. Before you may create your account, you must already have an account with a broker who is registered with SEBI.

In the case of commodities and a fixed interest rate repayment of between 12 and 14 percent, they will reduce your interest rate by about 2%.

10. Strata

Strata is an Indian crowdfunding platform for real estate.

Real estate developers may get funds directly from investors thanks to Strata, an online community that allows equity investments in real estate starting at $2.50 million.

Retail investors can purchase the investments, which have an INR value.

With more than 500 Cr in AUM and over 20,000 customers, Strata is India’s top platform for investing in Grade-A commercial real estate.

With strata, you may invest as little as 25 lakhs in high-yield Grade-A properties including offices, warehouses, and industrial buildings. Strata makes it easier, more transparent, and liquid to invest in commercial real estate.

Kotak Investment Advisers, Elevation (SAIF Partners), Gruhas Proptech, Mayfield India,  Gemba Capital, and Sabre Investments are partners of Strata.

The platform’s creator, Strata Property Management Private Limited, was established in 2019 and is based in Bengaluru, India.

11. Jiraaf

Jiraaf is a Fintech platform that gives small-scale investors access to alternative investment options in India. It is one of the best alternative investment platforms in India.

According to its promises, it offers higher returns than fixed deposits. Jiraaf investment has a little amount of risk, but overall rewards are favorable.

New fixed-income products including covered bonds, invoice discounting, and leases were made available to Indians via Jiraaf.

Three products are primarily available from Jiraaf: non-convertible debentures, lease and inventory finance, and invoice discounting.

So how much revenue can you expect from Jiraaf?

Depending on the item you chose, this will change.

The lease financing product, which may provide gross returns of up to 17–18%, offers the greatest returns, according to my analysis. It may account for up to 11–12% of yearly post-tax income.

The gross returns for invoice discounting and NDC might reach up to 10-15%. The post-tax returns you receive depend on your tax bracket.

12. Finzy

Finzy is an Indian platform for peer-to-peer lending. Finzy is an online community that allows anyone to invest in personal debt starting at $50,000 and allows debtors to get money directly from investors.

Retail investors can buy the assets, which have INR as their currency. Bridge Fintech Solutions Private Limited, a 2016-founded business with its main office in Bengaluru, India, is the entity in charge of the platform.

Finzy links investors searching for a potent new asset class that offers reasonable returns with borrowers looking for rapid personal loans with low interest rates.

The company’s main goal is to make everything straightforward and uncomplicated.

Bridge FinTech Solutions Private Ltd is the proprietor and operator of Finzy.

Finzy is a tiny but devoted group of people from various backgrounds. The founding team is made up of professionals with extensive backgrounds in technology, sales, banking, and finance.

The structure of Finzy is self-organized and non-hierarchical. Cross-functional teams at the firm work constantly to achieve lofty business objectives that include all facets of finance while putting their customers at the center of what they do.

An enthusiastic sales and operations staff, a tech team working on a cutting-edge digital platform, and a solid credit risk assessment team, which employs a unique credit assessment algorithm to make sure the proper borrowers are on the platform, fuel the company.

13. AltiFi

Individual users can purchase fixed-income assets through AltiFi, a cutting-edge financial platform.

Securities that were previously only accessible to investment companies, retail investors, rich people, and HNIs are now made available.

Altifi makes it possible for HNIs, institutions, and individual investors to deposit certificates and purchase bonds from burgeoning businesses across a variety of industries.

It is a division of Northern Arc Capital, a reputable wealth management, syndication, and finance company.

Altfi is not a pure spot market because it only issues bonds that are subscribed to by its parent company, Northern Arc. The Northern Arc underwriting platform focuses on bonds issued by companies with strong credit.

Bond yields range between 8% and 13%. In addition to bonds, tax-effective structures like MLD are also popular.

You must provide your Demat account details, which may be NSDL or CDSL, after enrolling with Altifi. After 24 hours after the KYC verification process is complete, you can purchase bonds.

It takes two days for bond units you purchase using net banking or UPI to show up in your demat account.

14. OMLp2p

OMLp2p is an Indian platform for peer-to-peer lending. It is one of the best alternative investment platforms in India.

OMLp2p acts as an online community for investing in consumer debt with a minimum investment of $2,000 and lets debtors get money directly from investors.

Retail investors can buy the assets, which have INR as their currency. OHMY Technologies Private Ltd, a 2016-founded business with offices in Mumbai, India, is the entity in charge of the platform.

It works to offer every investor (lender) and borrower in India access to an online P2P lending and borrowing marketplace.

With a high quality of client focus, OMLp2p offers unsecured personal loans as well as business loans that are quick, simple, and transparent.

To meet their needs for unsecured Personal and Business loans, OMLp2p offers a platform for all Investors (Lenders) and Borrowers to lend and borrow in a very convenient and transparent manner.

The platform uses cutting-edge technologies in a protected digital setting.

15. LiquiLoans

A P2P lending network called LiquiLoans connects risk-tolerant lenders with creditworthy borrowers using cutting-edge technologies.

Historically, Indians have been fixed-income investors, with around 70% of their savings held in fixed-income securities.

In the current low-return climate, the majority of bank savings accounts only offer 2.5–3.5% to their target market, which is LiquiLoans.

LiquiLoans is a special option that enables you to keep immediate liquidity and consistency while earning 8–10% returns on your investments.

As a result, it is a superior product than liquid funds, savings accounts, and money market funds for the purpose of conserving short-term funds.

Because the cost is transferred to the partners who seek loans, they do not charge fees to investors or borrowers.

16. hBits

India-based hBits is a real estate crowdfunding platform. It is one of the best alternative investment platforms in India.

Real estate developers may get funds directly from investors thanks to hBits, an online community for real estate equity investing with a minimum investment of 2.50 million.

Retail investors can purchase the investments, which have an INR value.

The platform is run by hBits Proptech Private Limited, an organization that was established in 2018 and has its headquarters in Mumbai, India.

Working at the nexus of real estate and technology, hBits is the most seasoned and prominent fractional ownership platform in the nation.

The business was founded in 2019 with the goal of democratizing real estate access. In the past, only institutions and hyper HNIs had access to real estate.

They want to make real estate a global market by making this profitable asset class accessible to regular investors.

17. Cashkumar

Since 2016, one of India’s top P2P lending firms, Cashkumar, has provided borrowers with short-term loans.

Our short-term loans assist consumers in securing funds for their diverse requirements as online P2P lending develops as a legitimate investment avenue. The firm is at the forefront of developing an alternative channel of finance and investment as one of India’s first P2P lending platforms.

with a goal to use innovations in design, technology, and procedures to completely disrupt the short-term peer-to-peer loan market in India.

It is a P2P lending platform powered by technology that links borrowers and lenders for short-term loans. Lenders get monthly EMIs in the form of principle and interest.

The platform lists loan applicants on our platform following appropriate offline verifications using our in-house credit underwriting algorithm and our interface with India Stack (Aadhaar, eKYC).

These loan applicants are then financed online by lenders on the site, which is entirely simple and quick.

18. Lendbox

19 Best Alternative Investment Platforms In India
Lendbox logo from Lendbox website.

India-based Lendbox is a platform for peer-to-peer lending. Lendbox is an online marketplace that allows users to invest in consumer debt for as little as 10,000 dollars and allows debtors to get money directly from investors.

Investors in retail can purchase the investments, which have INR as their currency.

Transactree Technologies Private Limited, an organization with its main office in New Delhi, India, and was created in 2015, is the organization responsible for the platform.

The three Lendbox co-founders are ardent, risk-taking investors and businessmen.

They were aware of the accessibility problems caused by the ecosystem’s inherited history in India.

By design, this ecosystem restricts normal retail investors from obtaining retail credit, which is the primary source of income for institutional investors and event the best banks in India. This ecosystem is set up to make the wealthy even wealthier.

The business launched quickly into an unregulated market at the time, and the RBI granted it an NBFC-P2P license in 2018.

Up until that point, they were a small, bootstrapped start-up. IvyCap Ventures provided their seed funding in late 2018.

The goal of Lendbox is to fractionalize debt investments, making them more liquid, accessible with lower ticket sizes, and free of any third-party middlemen.

With our seamless API-based partner integration methodology, they have produced wealth for millions of retail investors and HNIs and onboarded many wealth partners (IFAs, CAs, and wealth management firms).

Lendbox is a platform that focuses on investors with the intention of assisting them in generating regular, reliable, and high-quality returns. With that philosophy, Lendbox keeps innovating.

19. KredX

Supply chain financing solutions are what KredX markets itself as offering. KredX is one of the best alternative investment platforms in India.

Since its founding in 2015, it has developed a number of products for businesses and retail investors.

For businesses large and small, KredX provides financial and cash flow management. Moreover, it provides Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services for business-to-business trades, bill discounting, import-export finance, and a variety of other goods.

In association with ICICI Bank, they just unveiled the KredX Cashback Card, which offers cashback and benefits for vendor payments.

The KredX team is made up of founders and employees with in-depth knowledge of banking, finance, and other industries. Prime Venture Partners, Sequoia, and Tiger Global are a few of KredX’s top backers.

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19 Best Alternative Investment Platforms In India

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