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Audacia Capital Series 13 Income Bond Review

This post will review the Audacia Capital bond, both referred to as income bond and corporate bond in the firm’s fact sheets, to see its features and other terms.

The fact that it is still a corporate bond, even though it has an income bond designation, shows that it is a debt instrument that a company issues to get money.

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As investments like this always carry risks, it makes sense to seek advice or guidance.

First, we’ll look at an overview of the bond investment issuer, Audacia Capital.

Who is Audacia Capital?

With its formation and registration in the Republic of Ireland, publicly traded business Audacia Capital (Ireland) plc issues a multi-series note program of debt instruments. Holding a BBB credit rating, the company has the capacity to issue notes worth up to 350 million euros.

Who is Audacia Capital

As its principal service, Audacia helps businesses of all sizes establish bond note programs that allow them to acquire collateral without giving up stock.

Do note that Audacia is strictly involved in the role of issuer and has no involvement in the investment, management, promotion, or distribution of the underlying bond investment.

Audacia Capital Corporate Bond Offering Features and Terms

The bond in this review is part of the 13-series bond offering scheme Audacia Capital rolled out in 2020. The bond belongs to the first tranche within this series.

The total value of the series notes that Audacia intends to issue is 25 million pounds, with each batch not exceeding 20 million pounds. In this case, investor subscriptions will determine the exact quantity.

Bondholders’ security is enhanced because it is backed by specific assets owned by TVR car company through a floating charge. Luxury sports vehicle company TVR was founded in 1947.

The bond bears a fixed interest rate of 8.25% per year paid every quarter, with a maturity of five years on April 30, 2025.

The bond is listed on the Euronext Dublin Exchange and can easily acquired or sold on a daily basis.

If you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio or save for retirement, this bond is a great choice because it may be invested in UCITS-compliant funds, Self-Invested Personal Pension accounts, and Individual Savings Accounts.

Audacia bond minimum investment

Audacia bond minimum investment

A subscriber must have a minimum subscription amount of 10,000 pounds in order to take part in the offering.

There will be a 100,000 euros minimum trade amount during the offering term. The notes, however, can be transferred freely, traded, and sold without a minimum threshold in the secondary market.

Pros and cons of investing in Audacia Capital bond

Consider these pros and cons before putting your money into the Audacia Capital series 13 8.25% bond:

Benefits of corporate bonds

  • The bond bears an 8.25% annual yield, assuring a continuous revenue stream till maturity.
  • The bond is backed by TVR assets and cash flow, making them safer than equities.
  • Corporate bonds diversify a portfolio’s risk across asset classes and may increase its stability.

Risks of corporate bonds

  • Depending on the issuing company’s financial health and stability, corporate bonds always include credit risk. A company’s financial problems may affect bond payments.
  • Fixed-rate bonds like the Series 13 bond are affected by interest rate changes. Rising interest rates may lower bond value.
  • Corporate bonds are susceptible to unforeseen occurrences that lower their value.

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