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Best Bank Accounts For Expats In Tunisia part 1 – Benefits

Best Bank Accounts For Expats In Tunisia part 1 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Best Bank Accounts For Expats In Tunisia
Best Bank Accounts For Expats In Tunisia part 1 - Benefits 7

Expats living in Tunisia cannot rely on their own country’s bank account while in Tunisia because these accounts are often expensive to use abroad. However, some Tunisian banks offer cheap, or even free bank accounts for expats.

Knowing the best bank accounts for expats in Tunisia can help you save a lot of money. The Tunisian dinar, the official currency in Tunisia, is not a very strong currency. This means that most goods and services are rather cheap in Tunisia, including banks.

However, many Tunisians have been unemployed since late 2010, which is one of the main reasons why many foreigners are leaving Tunisia. There are new uncertainties in Tunisia due to its political instability. Still, the potential for banking savings may be worth it for expats who plan on living in Tunisia long-term or who spend a lot of money at Tunisian shops.

The banking system is very good in Tunisia, which is one of the main reasons many people choose to live in Tunisia. There are three different types of banks in Tunisia: private-sector banks, socialized credit institutions, and specialized financial institutions.

Foreign investors mostly own private-sector banks, although they are still under Tunisian banking supervision. The only Tunisian state bank is the Central Bank of Tunisia. Today, we will walk you through the pros and cons of opening a bank account in Tunisia. Are you ready? Check it out now!

Benefits of Using the Best Bank in Tunisia

Best Bank Accounts For Expats In Tunisia
Best Bank Accounts For Expats In Tunisia part 1 - Benefits 8

When traveling to Tunisia, many people forget that it’s one of the best places for banking in Africa. Tunisian banks are modern and offer great services that make them very attractive. Managing money in Tunisia is easier than ever, but it can be confusing if you don’t know what to look for. Here are the seven benefits of using the best bank in Tunisia.


One of the most important reasons to use the best bank in Tunisia is financial safety. Many Tunisians are afraid that they will lose their money or be stolen. This is especially true with banks after the 2011 revolution, where many Tunisians lost trust in these large institutions.


Mobil ATMs make it easier than ever to access your savings and checking accounts. The best bank in Tunisia will invest in these machines so that you can always get your money when you need it. This convenience is especially important if you live in a rural area or away from traditional banking locations such as the town center.

Quick Service

One of the biggest problems with Tunisian banks is the long wait to conduct business. But this will not be an issue if you use the best bank in Tunisia. These banks invest in better facilities and more employees so that transactions can be conducted quickly and you can get back to your daily life.

Worldwide Recognition

The best bank in Tunisia has a long history of being a strong institution. That means that these banks have an international presence and are respected worldwide for their status as top financial institutions. This world recognition adds a level of trust to your savings account so you can find peace of mind knowing that your money is safe and sound with a trusted organization.

Limitless Opportunities

The best bank in Tunisia offers you limitless opportunities. You can get a checking account, savings account, or even invest your money to boost your earning potential. And these banks will work with customers to get the right financial products and services for their needs.

Low Fees

The best bank in Tunisia has low fees and rates, so you can maximize your savings without paying high fees for transactions. These banks know the value of every single customer, even small amounts of business, is important to their organization. Low fees are just one way to show their gratitude to their customers.

Online Banking

Online banking is the wave of the future, and it allows you to access your money at all times easily. The best bank in Tunisia understands this need for customers and offers secure online banking so that customers can keep track of their financial status at all times.

Best Banks for Expats in Tunisia

Banks in Tunisia are among the best places to open a bank account for expats because they allow non-nationals to open accounts easily. They provide a range of services from opening bank accounts, wiring money, and buying or selling foreign currency. Tunisian banks offer great interest rates on their savings accounts and low fees for international banking. Without further ado, take a look at the best banks.

1)    HSBC Bank

Best Bank Accounts For Expats In Tunisia
Best Bank Accounts For Expats In Tunisia part 1 - Benefits 9

With nearly 20 years of presence in Tunisia, HSBC is probably the most recognized bank for expats. It offers a wide range of services and transactions at competitive rates.

Because it has many branches throughout the country and guarantees its customers security, HSBC is the number one choice for expats living in Tunisia and looking to open an account. However, it is worth noting that HSBC clients cannot receive Tunisian national ID cards.

2)    Societe Generale (SG)

Best Bank Accounts For Expats In Tunisia
Best Bank Accounts For Expats In Tunisia part 1 - Benefits 10

Societe Generale (SG) is another bank that many expats in Tunisia prefer. Because it’s a Tunisian bank under the French umbrella of Societe Generale, it has an extended range of services and transactions, on top of giving its customers access to ATMs all over the country.

Among its most attractive features are that it allows its customers to receive Tunisian ID cards and an English version of its website. However, SG has much fewer branches than HSBC, and opening a bank account is not as easy as HSBC (applications need to be made in person).

3)    Boursa (BRSA)

Boursa is a new online bank that recently showed up on the Tunisian market. It offers a wide range of services and transactions via its website, making it an attractive choice for customers looking to simplify their banking. Boursa also has a sister company called My Boursa, which specializes in real-estate financing, mortgages, and insurance.

4)    BNA Bank

Logo of BNA
Best Bank Accounts For Expats In Tunisia part 1 - Benefits 11

BNA is a Tunisian bank that offers competitive rates for its services and transactions, especially for loans. The downside is that it has few branches across the country, and opening an account may be difficult. Also, its website is not in English, which makes understanding banking conditions much more complicated for expats.

5)    Banque de l’Habitat

Banque de l’Habitat is the only specialized bank in Tunisia that offers real estate loans, especially for property rental. Because it’s a public institution created by the Tunisian government, its services are accessible to everyone, making it an attractive choice for expats. The only downside is that its English website is limited, making it difficult for expats to understand banking conditions.

6)    Banque de Tunisie

Banque de Tunisie is one of the oldest banks in Tunisia, and its brand has become synonymous with banking. However, several issues make it less attractive to expats compared to other international or national institutions (bureaucracy, lack of English). On the flip side, its services and rates can’t be beaten.

7) Attijariwafa Bank

Best Bank Accounts For Expats In Tunisia part 1 - Benefits 12

Attijariwafa bank is one of the most solid banks in Tunisia, supported by the largest financial group 4 banking groups (Banque Arabe ottomane (BAO), Bahraini Groupe BFA, Moroccan Attijari Group BMCE, and Kuwaiti Group Gulf Bank).

It offers reliable banking products and services, especially when it comes to real estate. On the downside, its website is only available in Arabic, making understanding banking conditions difficult for expats.

Requirements to Open a Bank in Tunisia

In many countries, opening a bank account is seen as one of the easiest processes within a nation. In Tunisia, several requirements must be met before considering an account to be opened. Below are the five requirements to open a bank account in Tunisian.

Before any other steps can be taken, the bank must ensure that you meet all legal requirements as a citizen. This includes marriage certificates and other forms of legal documentation.

2)    Residency

It is required for those who want to open an account at Tunisian banks to present proper documentation stating their residency within Tunisia. Some banks even request both passport and residency documents as proof.

3)    Identification

Strict identification policies are another step that must be met before opening a bank account within Tunisia, and it is one of the most important steps to take into consideration when attempting to open an account. Banks only accept specific forms of documentation for these purposes, which include:

  • A Tunisian passport
  • A Tunisian driver’s license
  • A Tunisian international passport

4)    Social Security Number

Due to the spread of terrorism and other crimes, Tunisia has made it necessary for those who want to open a bank account to provide documentation showing their social security numbers and tax identification numbers. This is another step that must not be overlooked when opening a bank account within Tunisia.

5)    Employment Certificate

Some banks require employment documentation before opening an account, while others do not. Those employed by Tunisian companies need to provide their employers with proper documentation showing they are employed, along with their identification documents.

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