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Fidelity International Review

See how Fidelity International compares to other offshore investment funds, ensuring a well-rounded portfolio.

This Fidelity International review will delve into the company’s investment opportunities, fees, investment minimums, pros and cons.

UK-based Fidelity International is a stockbroker arm of Fidelity Investments, appropriate for those who are new to investing. It offers easy-to-use platforms and tools for research. The FCA regulates the firm that has roughly US$663 billion worth of assets under management.

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Let’s find out more about this investment provider in our discussion below.

Fidelity International Investments

Individuals, businesses, and their advisors can choose from different services and investment options that include:

Fidelity International logo

The company offers access to more than 1,000 international funds, including both non-Fidelity and Fidelity alternatives.

The business also provides global research services that include news, sophisticated charting, and studies that are compiled from independent experts.

Fidelity Advantage Portfolio Fund, which operates as a fund of funds, seeks to guarantee long-term capital growth for investors—including those who take part in retirement benefit plans and savings plans—in US dollars.

Primarily, the fund allocates its investments to the global equity markets, mirroring returns linked to major world stock market indices.

Fidelity International Fees

  • For stocks and ETFs, Fidelity International charges a cost of $12.5 or £7.5 every trade; for regular savings plans, the commission is £1.5 per trade.
  • There is an annual service charge for tax-advantaged accounts.
  • For foreign stocks and ETFs, there are four different levels of currency exchange fees: 1.00% up to £10k, 0.75% up to £20k, 0.50% up to £30k, and 0.25% over £30k.
  • FX fees are volume-tiered so investing in foreign equities or ETFs may result in a hefty conversion fee.
  • Fidelity International does not impose penalties on account inactivity or withdrawals; no fees for deposits or withdrawals.

Fidelity International Account Opening

Fidelity International Account Opening
  1. Select an account type based on your investing goals (individual, joint, retirement, SIPP, JISA).
  2. Make sure you have your debit card information available and, if you’re making a single payment, your National Insurance (NI) number on hand. Get your bank information ready so you can create a regular savings plan. You may require information on your yearly allowance for some accounts, such as SIPP.
  3. Throughout the online process, Fidelity International makes an effort to electronically confirm your identity. You can be asked to upload identity documents online for verification if electronic verification isn’t possible.
  4. After your account is created, you can fund it with a debit card one-time payment, a recurring savings plan, or transfers of investments to Fidelity International from another provider.
  5. It’s time to select your investments after funding. With the help of tools provided by Fidelity International, you may make decisions that align with your investing targets and risk appetite.
  6. Make sure to go over your choices and make your investing decisions final. You have the option to invest right away or to put money down later.

Pros and cons of Fidelity International

Fidelity International Benefits

  • Offers various investment products
  • Fees are relatively low and basic withdrawal isn’t charged
  • Provides a selection of resources and tools for investing

Fidelity Cons

  • There aren’t any running bonuses or opportunities to get paid more for referring new clients.
  • For sustaining investments, Fidelity charges an annual service fee of 0.35%, which may be higher than rates offered by certain competitors. A flat fee is assessed for investors with smaller holdings which may be prohibitive.
  • In comparison to certain competitors, Fidelity’s selection of ETFs is limited.

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