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Interactive Brokers India Review

To those hunting for the best online brokers in India, you might have heard of Interactive Brokers. But the question is, is Interactive Brokers legal in India? If so, is the brokerage platform more beneficial than risky?

Through its online brokerage platform, Trader Work Station (TWS), Interactive Brokers India Pvt. Limited—a part of the Interactive Brokers Group—offers Indian residents access to more than 80 electronic exchanges in 17 countries. Stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds, and funds are just some of the asset classes that may be traded on this robust and versatile online trading platform.

Interactive Brokers India provides modern trading tools and real-time risk management, setting them apart from professional-grade trading services. Customers have the option to trade on international marketplaces, including the National Stock Exchange of India and others.

With minimal futures costs of 100 Indian rupees and 0.035% of the whole deal value, the investment platform offers low commission structures for numerous financial products.

For example, Indian options contracts cost 100 rupees and 60 rupees per contract. Residents of India are required to maintain a minimum balance of 5K US dollars, or the equivalent in Indian rupees.

The National Stock Exchange of India and other foreign markets are accessible to individual traders through Interactive Brokers India’s flexible account designs.

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Interactive Brokers India Account and Fees

Interactive Brokers India Account

What types of accounts are available with Interactive Brokers India?

  1. Fully Disclosed Broker Account: A primary account linked to client accounts, whether individual or organizational, enables trading of items on both the National Stock Exchange of India and overseas marketplaces; this structure is known as a fully disclosed broker account.
  2. Proprietary Trading Group Account for Indian Businesses Only: Individual accounts for traders or strategies with different credit limitations are authorized under this account structure, which is tailored for institutions, especially private/public limited corporations established in India. You may execute and clear trades from the same account, which is really convenient.

These account types provide access to a selection of goods and marketplaces and are tailored to the specific requirements of individual traders as well as institutional clients in India.

Who can open an account with Interactive Brokers India?

Interactive Brokers India accepts account openings from Indian residents aged 21 and over. Non-resident Indians (NRIs) and non-Indian residents can establish an account with the online broker as well.

What documents are required to open an account with Interactive Brokers India?

  • PAN Card: This is essential to ensure accurate entry of the PAN Number.
  • Address Proof: This is required to guarantee accurate entry of the address and Pin Code.
  • Bank Details: This includes the MICR Code.

How to open an account with Interactive Brokers India

For residents

Here are the steps that Indian residents and NRIs can follow to start the account-opening process with Interactive Brokers India:

  1. To access the Open Account portion that is specifically for Indian individuals, visit the Interactive Brokers India website.
  2. To start the online application process, you will need to provide your name, email and postal address, PAN number, and bank credentials (including IFSC and MICR codes).
  3. Fill out the online application until it’s complete, then upload supporting documents like a copy of your PAN card, proof of residence, and bank bills.
  4. The minimum amount that must be deposited into the account is $5,000.

The Trader Work Station (TWS) interface, which allows clients to start trading in both Indian and foreign markets, is accessible to them once their accounts are funded and opened.

The account opening process for non-resident Indians (NRIs) with Interactive Brokers India is quite similar to that for Indian and non-Indian residents, with the inclusion of certain requirements.

For non-resident Indians

Interactive Brokers India requires non-resident Indians to meet the following requirements before creating an account:

  1. Confirm their NRI Status: NRIs are Indian citizens or Indian-origin people living abroad, subject to certain criteria.
  2. Set Up an NRO Account: Interactive Brokers India traders must open a Non-resident Ordinary (NRO) Account, an Indian bank account. This account receives foreign funds, manages Indian income, and facilitates domestic transfers.
  3. Provide More Documentation: Non-resident Indians may be asked to provide residency, tax ID, and other identifying credentials.

Valid and current documents are essential. Account type and individual circumstances may also affect paperwork needs.

Can you expedite the account opening process?

How to open IB India account

If you want to register an account with Interactive Brokers India quickly and easily, you should gather all the required paperwork and information in advance and submit it online.

To ensure a seamless application procedure, it is necessary to submit scanned images of the essential papers. Clients can contact the Interactive Brokers India customer care for clarification on the paperwork required to open an account.

Interactive Brokers India account opening delays can be caused by common circumstances such as:

  • The account opening process can be delayed if the necessary documents are not provided or are not complete.
  • The time it takes to open an account could be longer if further verification is required.
  • Processing times for new accounts may be longer than usual during times of high application volume.
  • There may be some waiting time if there are any technical difficulties with the online application or creating the account.
  • Account opening delays may occur if there are problems or inconsistencies found during the compliance review.

What is the minimum deposit required to open an account with Interactive Brokers India?

The minimum deposit required to open an account with Interactive Brokers India is $5,000, or 416,697 Indian rupees. This requirement applies to residents of India.

Meanwhile, creating an account in India requires a minimum deposit of $2,000 (or its equivalent in Indian Rupees) for non-Indian residents.

For market data and research subscriptions and to keep an account active with the brokerage, these minimum deposit requirements are needed.

Interactive brokers India pricing

Now on to Interactive Brokers India charges, consider the trading fees on the investment platform outlined below:

  1. Minimum commission charges for Indian options contracts: 100 rupees and 60 rupees per contract, plus additional costs (such as securities transaction costs, exchange charges, stamp duty, and service tax).
  2. Minimum commissions for futures: 100 rupees and 0.035% of the total trade value, plus added costs.
  3. Market Data Subscription minimum equity balance requirements: Indian residents trading with an IB India account need a minimum equity balance of $ 100 to subscribe to market data and research subscriptions (equivalent in rupees). The same amount is assessed for minimum equity maintenance requirements for market data subscription.
IB India charges
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What are the benefits of opening an account with Interactive Brokers India?

The convenience of having just one set of login credentials for all of your Interactive Brokers India accounts is a major perk of opening a dual account. The online brokerage also offers a shared account option, which allows multiple people to share the responsibility of managing their investments.

People who want to achieve the same financial goals or who want to combine their resources to get better trading conditions or higher profits will find this feature very useful.

The National Stock Exchange of India and other global products are only two of the many markets that Interactive Brokers India provides access to. You can take advantage of low prices, professional-level trading services, and direct access to a wide range of financial products on this platform.

The trading platform offers a selection of investment opportunities and research resources at reasonable prices with minimal trading fees. It provides direct access to equities, futures, options, funds, currency, and bonds, as well as professional-grade trading services.

Prospective investors can gain access to global markets and trade on over 80 online exchanges and venues. Tools and platforms for advanced traders as well as those who trade casually are also available.

What are the disadvantages?

Finding what you need quickly might be a difficulty when dealing with complicated charge structures and website styles. Not many over-the-counter (OTC) and initial public offering (IPO) equities are available to Interactive Brokers India.

For some investors, the platform’s cautious approach to approving trading licenses might be a deal-breaker. There have been complaints from users about the quality of the market and historical data, which is affecting their trading decisions. It can take up to three to five hours for investment funds to be credited because Interactive Brokers India does not offer real-time crediting.

Interactive Brokers India Review: Final Thoughts

When it comes to investing in India brokers, Interactive Brokers stands out thanks to its comprehensive order types, solid platform, and great execution of order. Another redeeming quality is the trading platform’s strategy builder, which is better than what many brokerages provide in the country. This makes the platform more attractive to traders, particularly those who value advanced tools for developing trading strategies.

However, there is a lack of margin benefits and leverage for certain trading (Intraday, Futures, and Options). Tax reports are not tailored for India as well, among other issues.

Notwithstanding these drawbacks, the platform excels in many other areas.

Bear in mind to be cautious when investing to avoid mistakes and financial loss.

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