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Hansemerkur Insurance Review 2022 – is this a good choice?

Hansemerkur Insurance Review 2022 – that will be the topic of this article.

This article follows on from previous review articles I have conducted on the likes of Morgan Price, Regency for Expats and UniLife.

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Whether you are going on a weekend trip or moving to the other side of the world, you need to prepare yourself to be taken care of if you need medical attention.

This article will highlight some of the importance of personal insurance such as travel insurance and health insurance, as well as things to consider before moving or traveling abroad, and also review one of the insurance companies called HanseMerkur, which offers different services. 

What is personal insurance?

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Personal insurance is the collective name for the different types of insurance products available to cover personal items that you may own, such as your car (auto insurance) or your home and personal property (home insurance), or your activities, such as your vacation (travel insurance). 

It can also cover different variations within these categories, such as young driver insurance and convicted driver insurance or custom home insurance. Some of these products are required by law and some are optional.

Explanation of Personal Insurance Products

  • Car insurance. An auto insurance policy will protect you if you are involved in an accident, and the level of protection you have will determine the extent of that protection – whether it is protection only from third parties, covering you from third party claims for property damage and / or personal injury, third parties persons, fire and theft, covering all third party claims described above, plus any damage from fire or theft of your own vehicle, or Comprehensive, which also covers any damage to your own vehicle.
  • Travel insurance. Travel insurance is for vacationers to cover cancellations, personal belongings, and emergency medical care, while international health insurance is designed to cover inpatient medical examinations and continued treatment for chronic illnesses abroad.

For travel insurance, there are two main types of policies; One-time trip covering a single vacation, or an annual policy covering multiple trips over 365 days.

There may be restrictions on the number of trips, duration and destination of your trips, but these details should be checked with the service provider before taking out insurance. 

  • Health insurance. Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that usually covers medical, surgical, prescription drugs, and sometimes dental costs incurred by the insured person. Health insurance can reimburse the insured for expenses incurred as a result of illness or injury, or pay directly to a health care provider.
  • Home insurance. Home insurance, also commonly referred to as homeowner insurance, is a type of property insurance that covers a private home. This is an insurance policy that combines different types of personal insurance coverage, which may include damages to the home, its contents, loss of use (additional living expenses) or loss of other personal property of the homeowner, and accident liability insurance. This can occur at home or in the hands of a homeowner within the policy area.

In addition, homeowner insurance provides financial protection against natural disasters. A standard home insurance policy provides insurance for the home itself, along with the items in it.

There are a lot of personal insurance options, but in this article we will be mainly focused on travel and health insurance, which HanseMerkur Company offers to its customers. Now let’s try to figure out what company is it and what services it provides with.

HanseMerkur Overview

Innovative products, financial sustainability and an understanding of tradition are qualities that customers and distribution partners value at HanseMerkur.

It is a financially sound, medium-sized personal insurance company and the only independent and group independent insurance in the financial center of Hamburg with operations throughout the country. As a “mutual insurance association” the company only commits itself to its clients and employees, not to shareholders or investors. 

This principle guides the company’s actions, it is part of the corporate culture and is expressed in a clear relationship. The old Hanseatic principle of the noble businessman is fundamental to traditional Hanseatic insurance like HanseMerkur.

The motto “Hand in hand … HanseMerkur” reflects this self-image. It is about partnerships within the company, between employees and managers, as well as board members, as well as honest efforts towards customers. 

The leading principle translates the spirit of the community into a deeply human principle, because by their words ‘with mutual support – hand in hand – everything just works better’.

For more than 40 years, HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung has been known for its quality high-class travel insurance. 

In order for you to personally measure our performance and the competitiveness of our products, we encourage the regular comparison of our products with those of other insurance companies.

HanseMerkur Strategy

Over the years, HanseMerkur’s strategy has been to continually strengthen financial strength, which is extremely important for customers and participants in the personal insurance industry. 

This is the only way they were able to develop into a modern national insurance group with 2,159 employees in the office and in the field, including 762 permanent agents with premium income of 1,971.1 million euros and capital investments of 8,044.7 million euros. 

The company will continue the path of financial sustainability in the future for the benefit of the insured and employees in the office and in the field, and thus serve the goal of the long-term independence of the HanseMerkur Group.

The growth course of recent years has given the financial strength that allows them to develop all the main lines of business simultaneously under the management of a managing holding company with a single group structure. 

By having an operating holding company that controls the group companies, they gain flexibility in raising capital, generate profitability, strengthen partnerships and make acquisitions.

The size and structure of the mid-sized company ensures that they can respond quickly and flexibly to customer and market needs.

Health Insurance

As already mentioned, HanseMerkur company is focused on 2 main aspects, which are health and travel insurances. First of all let’s review the health insurance that the company provides.

If you have statutory health insurance and are wondering whether comprehensive private health insurance is the right decision for you, HanseMerkur will help you.

Do you want affordable and at the same time high-performance private supplementary health insurance that perfectly covers all areas that are important to you or that optimally complements your personal health care, again HanseMerkur will help you.

The company tries to satisfy your individual requirements. Below is a list of private full and supplementary health insurance:

  • Dental insurance. Early dental care is important for dental health. By taking over the dental preventive measures, you create the best conditions to keep your teeth permanently healthy and let your smile shine! Those who value additional services and excellent quality at the dentist should opt for additional coverage through additional insurance. Benefit from high-performance tariffs and reduced waiting times.
  • Daily sickness allowance. Daily sickness allowance insurance is recommended so that you are well protected even in the event of a longer illness. It can be individually adapted to your needs and reliably protects you from financial losses due to prolonged inability to work.
  • Supplementary hospital insurance. So that you can enjoy benefits like a private patient during inpatient stays, we offer you suitable supplementary hospital insurance. In this way you create the best basis for getting well as quickly as possible.
  • Supplementary hearing and seeing insurance. The additional insurance of HanseMerkur offers excellent services in the areas of hearing and vision and also provides support for important preventive examinations with cancer prevention insurance.
  • Advantages for DAK customers. DAK customers can optimally supplement their insurance protection with high-performance additional protection offers from HanseMerkur. They will offer excellent opportunities for this.
  • Company health insurance. HanseMerkur’s company health insurance offers employees a wide range of additional benefits for dentures, treatment by the head physician and more.
  • Cancer insurance. With the cancer insurance Advigon.Krebs-SCHUTZ they offer you four different modules for preventive and support services, which can also be combined.
  • Glasses insurance. Do you need new glasses? Then the free insurance from Fielmann is an advantage: protection in the event of, for example, changes in eyesight or breakage and high-quality glasses.

As you can see HanseMerkur surprises in every step, you’ll get a lot of health insurance options for millions of needs, it is even impossible to list all of them, there is also private health insurance for self-employed, employees, children, servants and trainees, students, etc.

Benefits for your health

Very few people want to compromise on health, because after all, it is the most important good. Private health insurance (PKV) therefore offers you many advantages and services with which you receive optimal care:

  • Individual tariff structure: wide selection to cover outpatient, inpatient or dental treatments.
  • Performance guarantee: During the contract period, the agreed services are guaranteed, there are no exclusions or changes.
  • Avoid supplementary insurance: With private health insurance, you do not need supplementary insurance because these benefits are already included (for example, dental health and international health insurance).
  • Preferred treatment: Benefit from shorter waiting times when making appointments. In the hospital, for example, you are entitled to a single room and treatment by the chief physician if you choose the appropriate tariff.
  • Premium refund: are you rarely sick? Then you can get part of the paid contributions back if you have not used any outpatient or dental treatment in the past calendar year.
  • Online doctor and health hotline:  As a member of a HanseMerkur comprehensive health insurance, you can use the HanseMerkur online doctor take advantage of. Doctors from all disciplines advise you virtually via video chat.
  • Insure with the test winner:  In the test by Wirtschaftswoche magazine, HanseMerkur came in first out of 800 tariffs.

Travel Insurance

The next great feature of the company is the travel insurance that it offers. Here the list of travel insurance options is again very big. HanseMerkur’s travel insurance has received numerous awards. So that you can experience the best time of the year carefree and carefree, they will offer you with the various insurances tailor-made solutions for your very personal protection when traveling – worldwide. 

You can conveniently take out any of their travel insurance policies online and look forward to your well-deserved break without having to worry about the costs of travel cancellation or illness.

What travel insurance options are available?

  • Foreign health insurance. Whether alone or in a group: With HanseMerkur’s international health insurance, you are comprehensively covered when traveling, also possible as an affordable annual insurance.
  • Travel cancellation insurance. Protect yourself against cancellation costs with their travel cancellation insurance. The company will offer you optimal insurance protection.
  • Long-term foreign health insurance. Regardless of whether you are planning a longer vacation trip or because of a new job, as a student or an exchange student living abroad for a longer period: With the HanseMerkur foreign health insurance you are well covered.
  • Travel insurance for au pairs. For the stay abroad as an au pair, you can choose between the basic or premium tariffs for optimal insurance cover.
  • Travel insurance for schoolchildren and students. The international health insurance for the stay abroad – especially for schoolchildren and students. Also possible as an affordable annual insurance.
  • 4 and 5 star travel insurance. They have put together travel insurance policies for all globetrotters that provide comprehensive protection across Europe and around the world.
  • Hotel insurance for Europe. Secure your entire hotel arrangement across Europe and benefit from their affordable travel insurance package.

As suspected HanseMerkur offers more insurance options such as wedding, seminar, ticket, visa travel, young travel, group travel insurance. 

Travel cancellation insurance

But one of the greatest things is travel cancellation insurance, which is literally the best option that HanseMerkur could think of. Protect yourself against cancellation costs with our travel cancellation insurance. 

They offer you the best possible insurance cover should you have to cancel your trip. With the travel cancellation insurance you secure your booked trip before the start of your journey and with the holiday guarantee you secure a travel interruption during your vacation – worldwide.

It is worth taking out annual travel cancellation insurance for two or more trips. This can of course also be combined with the holiday guarantee at favorable conditions. 

With the annual travel cancellation insurance, you can travel carefree as often as you like throughout the year. If you can’t start your trip, don’t be left with high travel cancellation costs.

The advantages of travel cancellation insurance

By taking out travel cancellation insurance with HanseMerkur, you secure many advantages, including:

  • In case of no-show: They will reimburse you for any cancellation costs incurred if you cancel your trip for reasons such as an unexpected serious illness, vaccination intolerance, change of job, short-time work or pregnancy.
  • With a late departure: They will refund the additional outward journey costs and unused travel services if you take a variety of covered reasons your trip late.
  • In the case of rebooking: Without giving reasons, the HanseMerkur team will reimburse you for rebooking costs of up to 30 euros if you rebook your trip up to 42 days before the start of the trip. If you rebook your trip for one of the insured reasons, the rebooking costs will be reimbursed.
  • If you opt for annual travel cancellation insurance with a holiday guarantee (travel interruption insurance), every trip is insured for one year.
  • You can take out the travel cancellation insurance quickly and easily online. A comparison of their services is worthwhile – this is how you can find the right travel cancellation insurance for you.
  • Optionally lockable with additional Corona protection.

Other Insurance options

Despite of being focused on travel and health insurance wide range options, HanseMerkur also offers many more different insurance variants, which we will review now.

Accident insurance. A sudden accident can turn your life upside down in an unforeseen way. While the statutory accident insurance only covers accidents during work or school hours and on the direct way there and back, accidents in leisure time or in the household – after all, 3/4 of all accidents occur in the private sector – are not insured. 

In the event of serious accidents, private accident insurance helps to compensate for loss of income or to convert living space to make it suitable for the disabled.

Advantages of the HanseMerkur accident insurance

By taking out accident insurance with HanseMerkur, you secure many advantages. This includes:

  • Worldwide insurance coverage
  • Sport as a hobby is also insured
  • Many types of services can be selected individually, e.g. Accident hospital daily allowance and assistance module help and care services
  • Comprehensive protection in the event of work and leisure accidents
  • With semi-annual and annual payments, contributions are even cheaper
  • Take out accident insurance easily and conveniently online

Household insurance. When it comes to the monetary value of own home, many people first think of things like a TV, PC or jewelry. But what about your furniture, your book collection and your clothes? 

Take a look around your own four walls and keep in mind that carpets, dishes and towels also cost money to buy. This quickly accumulates a large sum that makes it clear why household insurance is important.

Household contents insurance protects your own property and, in many cases of damage, reimburses the cost of replacing it. The scenarios are diverse: break-ins and robbery, fires, damage from tap water, storms and hail. 

Even if HanseMerkur cannot replace personal memories for you, you can be sure to return to normal as soon as possible after a claim with the help of household insurance.

Dog-OP insurance. A dog is more than just a pet – it is a loyal companion, playmate and ensures that you are always in the fresh air. As a family member, he will go through thick and thin with you and make you laugh every day.

Despite the best care, something can always happen to your dog. An accident or an unexpected illness can quickly become a financial problem. So that you do not have to worry about money in this situation, HanseMerkur offers you dog surgery insurance side. You will not only be reimbursed for the cost of the operation up to the limit of performance, but also for treatment and accommodation after the operation.

Advantages of dog surgery insurance from HanseMerkur

HanseMerkur’s dog surgery insurance can impress with its comprehensive range of services:

  • All breeds are insurable
  • All medically necessary operations
  • No age-related premium adjustments
  • Reimbursements up to 4 times the rate of the fee regulation for veterinarians (GOT)
  • Accommodation in veterinary clinic
  • Takeover of aftercare: treatment and medication after the operation
  • You determine the scope of services: Smart ,  Easy  or  Best tariff 
  • Tariffs optionally with or without a deductible of 250 EUR (SB)
  • Inclusion of breed specific diseases
  • Reimbursement of costs for hip dysplasia (HD) or elbow dysplasia (ED) in the Easy  and  tariff  Best
  • In the Best tariff,   physiotherapy is covered up to 4 weeks after the operation
  • Optional: assumption of the costs for tooth extractions and root treatments in the Easy  and  Best tariff 
  • 12 months international protection – worldwide
  • Reimbursement of cancellation costs in the event of non-commencement of a vacation trip in the event of operations caused by an accident
  • Very short waiting time in the event of illness or no waiting time in the event of an accident

HanseMerkur is a great nationwide insurance company, which can offer you so many options for your glasses, for your pet and for your house. This is a great service, with a very big and professional team, which is ready to insure your security in any life case. 


HanseMerkur aren’t a bad option in the market, depending on your needs.

There are superior options out there but this isn’t the worst option, by any means, in the market.

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