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XHE Capital Managed Equity Fund Review

In this XHE Capital Managed Equity Fund review, we will talk about XHE and the investment option being offered. And see how XHE Capital Managed Equity Fund enhances your strategy in global equity management.

Global equities markets are the specialty of XHE Capital LLP, an investment management firm. Its strategy for investing in the public equities markets is backed by research.

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Knowing the background of the investment provider is an important detail before we tackle the actual investment.

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Who is XHE Capital LLP?

Long-term investing and prudent risk management are at the heart of XHE Capital’s mission to provide stable returns while protecting client funds.

London-based XHE Capital is subject to oversight from the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

What is a managed fund?

A “managed fund” is an investment instrument that employs seasoned financial experts to administer the money of numerous individual participants. Investment decisions and asset management fall to the fund manager.

By arranging their assets in this way, investors can reduce their exposure to risk and increase diversification.

Managed investment fund vs managed equity fund

Among the many possible asset types that managed investment funds could put their money into include stocks, bonds, real estate, and more.

Meanwhile, the main emphasis of a managed equity fund is on investing in stocks and other equities.

XHE Capital Managed Equity Fund

XHE Capital Managed Equity Fund

The XHE Capital Managed Equity Fund rolled out in 2020 was meant to give investors long-term capital growth while keeping their risk profile well defined. Both parts of XHE Capital’s Managed Equity strategy stem from the firm’s commitment to conducting its own research and analysis.

In the first part, you’ll find long-term investments in developed equities markets around the world, particularly in Europe and the United States.

Among the investment strategies employed by the Fund include position trading, risk management, and exposure to equity indexes over the long term. Any number of equity-based investments, including equities, equity index futures, ETFs, and others, can provide exposure to and positioning within stock indexes over the long run. The Fund’s investment objective can be met through the use of different financial instruments.

The second part is investing actively in the stock market to benefit from rising returns and to hedge against falling ones. The long-term goal of this two-pronged strategy is to outperform the MSCI World Index in terms of risk adjusted performance.

The Fund may maintain some of its assets in liquid assets. Investments made by the Fund might be in financial instruments listed on US or non-US exchanges, and their values could vary from the US dollar. Periodically, the Fund may choose to protect itself against currency fluctuations by hedging its exposure to non-US currencies.

Investors can acquire or sell shares of the fund whenever they like because it offers monthly liquidity.

XHE Managed Equity Fund Fees

XHE Managed Equity Fund Fees

A management charge of 1% and a performance fee of 10% will be applied to the investment fund. The fund is required to pay this performance fee if it meets or exceeds certain return targets or a predetermined benchmark.

XHE Managed Equity Fund Performance

Investment performance rose 6.9% in January 2022 and 9.2% in February. March’s 4.5% growth was smaller. April rose 6.4%, while May fell 0.9%. July and August gained 0.9% and -0.1%, respectively, while June gained 2.0%. November improved to -0.2% after September and October were 0.0% and -0.3%. The year ended with a 0.4% December return, giving 2022 a 32.2% YTD return.

Investment returns in January, February, and March 2023 were 1.8%, 0.3%, and -0.2%. April had a 5.0% growth, followed by 0.9% and 0.8% in May and June. July–December data are unavailable. The YTD return for 2023 stood at 8.7% based on the available data.

Managed Equity A1 USD / Managed Equity H1 USD

As long as there is demand from investors, shares can be issued and redeemed in the collective investment scheme indefinitely. With no set date for when the shares will mature, the product term also says that the fund has an endless life.

Who can invest in XHE Managed Equity Fund?

The product is designed for retail investors who meet certain criteria. These include not being a US person or subscribing for shares on behalf of one or more US persons. You must also understand that you may not recover your invested amount. Lastly, you must be looking for a medium-term investment. If you meet all of these requirements, then you can buy shares in the product.

Before putting money into the investing product, the investor should consult with a financial advisor.

XHE Managed Equity Fund Redemption

This investment option is good to be kept for at least five years. You run the risk of diminishing returns and increasing investment risk if you sell your Fund shares before the recommended holding term.

Realizing a loss due to early redemption highlights the significance of taking the specified holding term into account for best investment results. Before choosing to cash out your shares too soon, you should think about investing objectives and risk tolerance, considering how doing so could affect profits and your overall financial plan.

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