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Linqto Review

In this Linqto review, we’ll look at the private equity platform’s background, investment options, minimums, and fees.

This Linqto review will not only focus on the benefits and risks of the investment provider but also on the pros and cons of private equity investing.

Linqto does not diversify its offerings with other products and services; instead, it focuses exclusively on private investing in pre-IPO companies. Although this narrow emphasis might work for certain users, it may not be flexible enough for others looking for a platform that combines banking and investing features in one location.

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Understand how Linqto can enhance your global financial tools, providing seamless access to alternative investments.

As investments like this always carry risk, it makes sense to seek guidance or advice.

Now, let’s get into what Linqto does.

What is Linqto app?

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As a private equity platform, Linqto helps accredited and regular investors invest in the private market by buying shares in top pre-IPO companies. It improves accessibility to the private market by streamlining the investment process by offering entry points that are easily accessible, have low investment thresholds, and don’t charge extra.

By using thorough internal research and assessment processes for every business, Linqto guarantees its users a seamless investing experience. The tech also makes private markets more liquid, enabling users to transact directly on the site through buying and selling.

Despite the user-friendly design of Linqto’s app, users who run into problems can find that there aren’t many options for customer support—mostly, email or online forms—when they need help.

Users must be aware that custody of the shares does not transfer to them until the company goes through an initial public offering (IPO). Consequently, all equity held with the platform may be forfeited if Linqto runs into financial troubles prior to the IPO event.

Linqto Review: Investments

What investment options are available on Linqto?

Linqto provides investment opportunities focused on private equity investments in unicorns and pre-IPO businesses. Investing in emerging private technology companies that are expected to grow rapidly before going public is available to accredited investors.

Zipline, Epic Games, Polysign, and Ripple are a few of the well-known businesses featured on the investment provider.

To begin investing through Linqto, people purchase the associated number of shares in a special purpose vehicle that is run by Linqto but is ultimately owned by the investors. If you file for bankruptcy, this agreement will safeguard you from creditors.

Linqto minimum investment

Linqto minimum investment

Linqto is only available to accredited investors—that is, those who fulfill specific financial thresholds, usually involving a net worth of one million dollars or more. A $5,000 minimum commitment is needed to invest in Linqto.

In addition, consumers can use Linqto Bucks as discount credits to lower their investment prices. Referrals to the platform are the main way to obtain these credits. Users can apply $1,000 worth of Linqto Bucks toward future investments after successfully referring someone who makes a purchase.

Is there a hold period for buying shares?

Before being able to sell, members must hold onto the asset for at least 90 days after the date of acquisition. Furthermore, these shares are not transferable to another security on the marketplace.

In addition, members must adhere to a $5,000 minimum sell offer amount or the whole quantity of their shares, whichever is less, when launching a sell offer.

Linqto Fees

Linqto is a fee-free investing platform, as no management, brokerage, or interest fees are assessed. Nonetheless, there might be an introductory cost associated with some activities.

In order to pay for the platform’s operating costs, which include filing fees, transaction fees are levied when shares are sold.

How to invest in Linqto

  1. Start by uploading a short photo of your driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued identity, along with a self-portrait, to get started investing with Linqto. Give a couple more personal details after that.
  2. If you meet the requirements to be an accredited investor, kindly state so and attach any supporting evidence for validation.
  3. Investing through a retirement vehicle or a business is allowed.
  4. Finance your investment using your Uphold Wallet or an ACH or wire transfer from your bank account.

Pros and cons of Linqto investment

Pros and cons of Linqto investment

We’ll explore not only the positives and negatives of the investment platform in this Linqto review but also the pros and cons of private investing itself.

Linqto benefits

  • Private businesses used to need a minimum investment of $100,000. All investors can join Linqto, nevertheless, even with just $5,000.
  • Users with referrals are incentivized through the Linqto Bucks scheme.
  • An intuitive user design of the software helps users by making account administration and option research easier.
  • Zero management, brokerage, or interest fees are charged.
  • Due to their potential for large profits, private equity investments frequently focus on high-growth businesses.
  • Those in private equity generally have a longer investment horizon.
  • Opportunities to invest in businesses or industries that are not easily accessible through public markets may become available to private equity investors.

Linqto risks

  • Because it doesn’t include other goods or services, exclusive concentration on Linqto private equity in pre-IPO businesses restricts flexibility.
  • Limited availability of customer service alternatives.
  • One must be an accredited investor to participate.
  • Since private equity investments frequently require large initial outlays, they could not be available to a wider spectrum of investors.
  • Private equity investments are by their very nature risky.

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