Ardan International Review – Is It Worth It?

This article was last updated on March  29, 2021

(Quick note; this is a very short review, telling you the basics.  For a more in-depth review of Ardan and similar plans, alongside customer reviews and questions at the bottom of the page, please visit here).

Ardan International is based in the Isle of Man, and is owned by the insurance firm RL360. This article will review the platform.

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Where is the platform sold?

Worldwide, but typically in expat-focused areas such as Dubai, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brussels, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Qatar and various other locations.

What are the investment options available on the platform?

Over 80,000 funds are available, alongside countless currencies, from Euro to USD and Japanese Yen. Equities, structured notes and a range of other investment options are available on the platform.

What are the costs of the platform?

The website isn’t clear on that, but the custody fee is around 0.4% per year.  In addition to that, there are fund fees and other charges.

What are the positives of the platform?

The platform does allow for segregated accounts, meaning the money is held separately from Ardan’s accounts and is in the client’s name.

The costs are relatively good, and the platform uses good technology to reduce paperwork.

What are the negatives of the platform?

The platform can be used well, but all too often many complicated and expensive products are chosen. That increases costs, and lowers returns.

In addition to that, the platform is quite restrictive about which investments can be chosen.

That isn’t ideal for people that want enhanced investment options and high net wealth solutions.

Are most people happy with this platform? 

I have met clients that are happy, and those that aren’t.  In general, your mileage will vary.

A lot of your returns will depend on how your account is managed, which is why it is important to use a professional broker.

What about the current market given the world-wide pandemic?

Stock markets have declined rapidly since late February, due to the reaction of governments to the global health pandemic.

Markets will come back and valuations are very cheap these days – which is great for the long-term investor.

So the current situation shouldn’t be an issue for the long-term. investor

What can you do if you have an Arden plan?

If you have an Arden plan, don’t hesitate to contact me via or the contact form.


Ardan isn’t an awful platform but better alternatives exist, with less restrictions on asset classes

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