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International Health Insurance Cost: What Can You Expect To Pay

International Health Insurance Cost: What Can You Expect To Pay

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Know the international health insurance cost to expect if you want to get a policy as an expat.

Do you intend to spend a lot of time living abroad? If so, it would be wise to purchase a top-notch international health insurance policy to cover your medical expenses.

In the event that something unfortunate occurs while you are traveling and you need to get medical attention for an illness or emergency, having international medical insurance can be your lifeline. For the majority of nations, proof of adequate health coverage may also be required in order to obtain a visa (if you need one).

What is an International Health Insurance?

Plans for international medical insurance cover your medical expenses no matter where you are in the world. Inpatient, outpatient, wellness, evacuation, dental, and vision care are typically covered, in addition to other premium benefits. Global policies frequently renew yearly until your specified termination date or for life.

The ability to receive healthcare anywhere in the world is the main benefit of having a policy. You will benefit from having coverage in both your home country and any other country you travel to, including your country of residence.

The benefit of being able to select the hospital or doctor for your medical evaluation and treatment is provided by having a comprehensive global policy. Additionally, you have the freedom to select a private hospital over a public one with expat health insurance and receive quicker, more thorough, and better healthcare.

International Health Insurance Cost: What Can You Expect To Pay
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Benefits of International Health Insurance Plans

For people who stay away from their country of origin for a year or more, comprehensive health insurance is available. The best packages include:

  • International medical care for both inpatients and outpatients
  • Freedom to pick any facility, clinic, or medical professional
  • 24-hour helpline and emergency assistance
  • Emergency transport, return, and hospitalization
  • Global coverage, including that of your home country
  • Payment options in various currencies

These plans might also include extra benefits like dental, vision, maternity, prescription drug coverage, and other options. While some of these benefits are optional add-ons that require an additional premium, others are part of the base plan.

For instance, Cigna Global enables you to select different features (Wellness, Dental, Vision, etc.) and benefits to create a policy tailored to your individual requirements.

International Health Insurance Cost

The annual cost of an international medical insurance plan can be as low as $500 with few benefits and as high as $8,000 for a comprehensive global medical insurance policy that includes coverage in the USA.

The average annual cost is $5,000. Costs, or premiums, are typically determined by a policyholder’s age, medical history, area of coverage, choice of deductible, and maximum level of coverage (rather than by their history of claims).

are typically two coverage options available for policies: worldwide or worldwide excluding the USA. The cost savings from excluding coverage in the USA are substantial. Some plans allow you to exclude more expensive nations for treatment, including Canada, Hong Kong, and others. These nations charge more for medical care. Occasionally, foreign insurers (like GeoBlue and Cigna) will rank nations based on their healthcare expenses and modify premiums accordingly.

International Health Insurance Cost by Country

The most popular locations for expats also frequently have the most expensive healthcare systems. Insurance policies for foreign nationals living there will therefore be more expensive.

Here are the typical premiums per annum for foreigners and immigrants who reside in the following nations:

Countries with High International Health Insurance Cost

The United States spends significantly more per person on healthcare than any other country in the world, making it the country with the highest healthcare costs globally.

When it comes to healthcare costs, Switzerland is at the top of the list in Europe, followed closely by the Netherlands and Germany.

The cost of treating patients is more expensive than average in Japan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Korea in Asia. There may be a cost difference in situations where international patients are treated differently from local patients.

International Health Insurance Cost
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International Health Insurance Cost by Age

Clients who are younger will pay less for their insurance because they are typically healthier and require less care. Your plan’s price will skyrocket as you get older or perhaps as you start a family. The average annual costs in US dollars for various age groups are listed below:

  • 18 to 29: $2,404
  • 30 to 39: $3,401
  • 40 to 49: $5,795
  • 50 to 59: $7,274
  • 60 to 69: $8,295
  • 70 plus : $10,734

As you can see from the aforementioned examples, a policy’s cost will be greatly influenced by its demographics, provider, and plan type. You have two options for insurance: a more expensive, more comprehensive plan, or a less expensive, minimally covered one.

The cost of the policy will also be affected by elements like age and the preferred deductible sum. For instance, because the cost of insurance is higher in Costa Rica due to the average age of applicants, older clients who choose to retire there may have to pay higher policy costs.

See the example below for a more detailed explanation of how the aforementioned variables impact the price of international health insurance plans.

IMG Global Medical, for example, offers the following coverage choices for a husband and wife, ages 62 and 60:

  • Worldwide excluding the U.S., Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Singapore, and Taiwan or
  • Worldwide coverage (including the US, etc.)

A policy with a $10,000 deductible that excludes the US and other countries would only cost $2,260 annually for IMG’s policy (for ages 60 and 62). If you choose worldwide coverage with a $100 deductible, the cost could be as high as $41,546. The Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans’ benefits, including their maximum benefit limits, vary as well.

For US citizens or foreigners residing in the USA, GeoBlue Xplorer provides two options. The more expensive option offers worldwide coverage, including the US. The less expensive option offers worldwide coverage excluding the United States. The cost of the Cigna International plan varies by country depending on where you intend to live.

Are there certain countries where international health insurance costs more?

Yes, in general. The cost of your international health insurance will be greatly influenced by where you live.

Since US costs and rates are the highest, plans will always be more expensive if you want US coverage. Expect to pay higher premiums as well if you plan to reside in a nation like Singapore or France, where medical expenses are higher than in other nations. In a similar vein, if you reside in an area where the cost of care is moderate, you might see lower rates when requesting policy quotes.

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