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How to Send Money Out of Sint Maarten to the UK

How to Send Money Out of Sint Maarten to the UK

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This article will tackle how to send money from Sint Maarten.

Given the abundance of businesses prepared to transfer your money abroad, sending money internationally to the UK from Sint Maarten can be difficult.

Due to the considerable volatility of foreign exchange rates, choosing the ideal time to transfer money from Sint Maarten to the UK may seem challenging. The vast array of options at your disposal, including your bank, well-established players like WesterUnion and Moneygram, several remittance startups and businesses, and multi-currency bank accounts, is another factor that adds to the complexity.

Can you send money from Sint Maarten to the UK through a bank?

One of your initial ideas when transferring money abroad might be to trust your bank to carry out your money transfer transaction from Sint Maarten to the UK.

Even if utilizing your bank makes sense because you already have an account there, can start the transfer from the comfort of your home using mobile banking, and there are conveniences associated with doing so, it is still a good idea to weigh your other options.

There are numerous alternative methods available in addition to using your bank in Sint Maarten to send money to the UK. Most likely, compared to your bank, a lot of money transfer businesses provide better exchange rates and perhaps even reduced fees.

If that’s the case, you might be able to optimize the value of your US dollar even further to ensure that your beneficiary in the UK receives the highest amount.

How to transfer money online from Sint Maarten to the UK?

  1. Enter Sint Maarten, the country of departure.
  2. Enter UK as the receiving nation.
  3. Choose the currency you want to transfer from Sint Maarten; you can send money online in ANG, EUR, or USD.
  4. The transfer amount should be entered in the chosen currency, for instance, 3000 ANG.
  5. Choose the currency of receipt – the recipient can receive money in UK, in EUR, and in USD.
  6. To send money from Sint Maarten to the UK, select an appropriate choice from the list of 4 suggested providers below.
sint maarten online money transfer
Online money transfer. Image by news.okstate.edu

Which are the top providers for sending money from Sint Maarten to the UK?

The concept of what is best varies greatly from person to person. Depending on a variety of contributing circumstances, it might even change from one transaction to the next.

The best US dollar to euro exchange rate, transfer amount restrictions, transaction fees, transfer speed, the availability of various payment and delivery options, fixed vs. indicative rates, and the existence of any special offers or promotions are just a few of the important factors you should look into.

From Sint Maarten, there are 4 providers that are included on this list for money transfers to the UK. You can send funds via Wise (formerly TransferWise), CurrencyFair, Xoom, and Revolut.

Wise has some fantastic solutions for money transfers from Sint Maarten to the UK. In fact, it offers the cheapest transfer to a bank account.

As of the time of writing, the exchange rate at Wise is 0.87 GBP for 1 USD (this can change depending on the market). The amount of transfer fees will depend on how much exactly you’re sending to the UK and will vary from provider to provider. Your chosen payment method will also determine the transfer speed, which could change.

Bank account payments are the preferred method of Wise payment. The fees will be higher if you choose to pay with a credit card, debit card, or bank debit (ACH).

Money transfers via Wise made using a bank account, bank debit (ACH), debit card, or credit card are the quickest. After then, the transfer will be handled immediately.

In the UK, money can only be received into a bank account as it is the only transfer option offered by Wise for transfers to the country.

In addition, Wise provides the best transfer with payment by credit card along with its competitor Xoom. Meanwhile, in terms of the easiest cash pickup transfer and special offers for first transfers, you can rely on Xoom and CurrencyFair, respectively.

What is the quickest way to send money from Sint Maarten to the UK?

One of the most important things to take into account when transferring money overseas from Sint Maarten to the UK is how quickly your money will arrive at its destination. This is especially important if you’re in a hurry and need to send money right away. We all encounter that circumstance occasionally, therefore it is wise to be prepared.

In case of emergencies, cash transfers could be your best option. It usually is if speed were the only element to take into account since there are no bank to bank transactions involved, which will undoubtedly cause a lag in your transfer of money into the UK. 

On the other hand, it’s dangerous to carry cash. Additionally, cash transactions have a lower exchange rate, which aids service providers in covering the costs of maintaining the physical offices required to process cash.

You now know how to compare several money transfer services and pick the fastest one should you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to send money from Sint Maarten to the UK right away.

Below are the speed of the four providers included on this list:

  • Instant. The recipient in the UK will receive the money promptly using Wise, which is the fastest way to send money between USD and GBP.
  • 1 day long. Within one day, the beneficiary will receive money via CurrencyFair.
  • 2 days. The Xoom money transfer to the UK will take two days.
sint maarten wise
Wise (formerly TransferWise) logo. Image by PYMNTS

How can I send money from Sint Maarten to the UK at the lowest cost?

The most significant figure is the total sum that your receiver receives when you send USD to GBP. To put it another way, in order to make cross-border remittances as inexpensive as possible, you should aim to reduce the impact of fees and other hidden costs (a terrible exchange rate is one of them).

Before the advent of the current internet era, banks and small, local remittance players with locations in retail outlets and convenience stores were the usual ways to send money from Sint Maarten to the UK.

Unfortunately, all of these solutions come with large fees and frequently offer poor exchange rates, which makes for an expensive money transfer in which a sizable portion of your hard-earned money does not reach the intended recipient.

Comparing a wide range of foreign exchange operators and service providers is a terrific approach to find the most affordable ways to send money. You could achieve the best US Dollar to UK exchange rate in this manner. By taking advantage of numerous special offers and promotions from the providers, more savings can be made as well. By further reducing the cost of a money transfer, these offers can increase your return.

What methods of payment can you use to send money from Sint Maarten to the UK?

When sending money from Sint Maarten to the UK, you have a variety of payment methods at your disposal. Specifically for Wise, you can choose to pay via bank account, bank debit (ACH), debit card, credit card, e-commerce payment system iDeal, open banking payment method Trustly, and online banking payment method SOFORT.

How do you receive money transfer in the UK from Sint Maarten?

There are numerous ways to get money in the UK from Sint Maarten, such as by bank account (via Wise) or through cash pick up (via Xoom).

Sint Maarten UK
Big Ben in the UK. Image by Country Helper

How to make a free money transfer from Sint Maarten to the UK?

Yes, you can make cost-free transfer of funds from Sint Maarten to the UK. Specifically, CurrencyFair provides 10 fee-free transfers to the UK for brand-new clients.

It is important to compare the Netherlands Antillean guilder (ANG) to GBP conversion rate (as well as USD to GBP) before sending money from Sint Maarten to the UK.

How to Send Money Out of Sint Maarten to the UK: Final Thoughts

There aren’t many sources online that will give you details on how to transfer money from Sint Maarten, so I hope this guide somehow aids you in your transaction.

Knowing the latest currency exchange rates is vital when sending money to any part of the world. The providers highlighted in this article are the most reliable in Sint Maarten.

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