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Best Cities In Eastern Europe For Digital Nomads

Best Cities In Eastern Europe For Digital Nomads

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If you’re looking for amazing places that offer a traveling remote worker’s lifestyle, you should explore the best cities in Eastern Europe for digital nomads.

When pondering where digital nomads should travel, the majority of people would likely think of South America or Southeast Asia. You might be shocked to learn that the finest places for digital nomads are located in Eastern Europe.

Here are the best cities in Eastern Europe for digital nomads.

13 Best Cities In Eastern Europe For Digital Nomads

1. Athens, Greece

As a digital nomad, you must visit Athens if you love amazing food, rich history (like super-rich history), and friendly people. I would need to dedicate a whole blog post to this historic city’s character to even begin to convey it.

In addition to some of the most intriguing cafes and eateries, the city is home to ruins that date back thousands of years.

Athens has a vibrant digital nomad community as well. Although there are several coworking facilities, this city has a vibrant cafe-working scene.

So you can just order a coffee, request access to the wifi, and sit down and work for hours. I much prefer doing this to paying 12 euros a day to sit at a desk in a coworking place.

Of course, Athens offers a wide variety of entertaining activities. You won’t ever be bored in this city between exploring Plaka, going to the Acropolis and museums, and enjoying the nightlife.

Although some digital nomads find Athens to be an economical place to live, it isn’t the cheapest city in this region of the world. However, the fantastic experiences, welcoming people, and delicious food are all worth the extra cost.

If you match all the requirements, you can also apply for Greece’s digital nomad visa and stay there for up to two years.

Best Cities In Eastern Europe For Digital Nomads
Athens, Greece

2. Budapest, Hungary

Digital nomads have long been drawn to Budapest as a travel destination. The stunning architecture, low cost of living, and expanding expat and nomad communities make this a desirable location for the mobile remote worker.

Budapest will never weary you, especially if you enjoy going out on the weekends to pubs and clubs. Some claim that because there is nothing else like it, Budapest’s nightlife will wreck your entire life.

Budapest is a fantastic, affordable choice for digital nomads who want to stay in Europe even though it is a part of the Schengen Area. Loffice, Impact Hub, and Mosaik are a few coworking places and digital cafes where you may work. Another option is to work from one of the city’s many beautiful libraries.

The subway, buses, or reasonably priced cab are the best means to navigate around the city. There is so much to see in the 23 districts, but remember to purchase your tickets in advance because they will be less expensive.

3. Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is a great alternative for people who want to relocate to a city with reliable wifi, public workspaces, and the ability to concentrate completely on their profession and business. Since it’s outside of the Schengen Zone, you can take a “break” without abusing your tourist visa there.

Belgrade has launched an initiative called BelgradeGetsDigital in an effort to draw even more digital nomads. This program aims to enhance the city’s digital environment while fostering a community of digital workers and entrepreneurs.

In this city, you can usually get a seat at a cafe or coworking space. Using Coworker, you can locate open seats in coworking spaces and learn the cost of day, weekly, and monthly passes.

You’ll see that Belgrade has beautiful architecture. Additionally, the city’s graffiti art is something you should enjoy. Despite the lack of activities, this place is a wonderful choice for nomads wishing to cut costs while living in Europe and fully focus on their work.

The Dinar is used as money in Serbia. For comparison, 117 DIN are equal to 1 EUR. In comparison to other nations, the cost of living is inexpensive, and life here is generally good.

Best Cities In Eastern Europe For Digital Nomads
Belgrade, Serbia

4. Krakow, Poland

The next city on our list of best cities in Eastern Europe for digital nomads is Krakow, Poland, which is further east. Krakow, the second-largest city in Poland, can occasionally seem quite little because it is so convenient to walk everywhere.

Because of its inexpensive cost of living and high population of English speakers, the developing tech cluster has long been a favourite among digital nomads. The zloty is used as money in Poland. For comparison, 4.60 PLN is equal to 1 EUR.

There are several laptop-friendly cafes and formal coworking spaces in this city because it is so well-liked by those who are not tied to one particular spot. With a citywide average of 35 Mbps, the wifi is also excellent.

You’ll witness a ton of cathedrals, castles, and medieval architecture while residing in Krakow. There are also a lot of museums. Additionally, using the city’s public transportation system or just walking around is a very simple way to get around.

5. Kotor, Montenegro

You should look into Kotor if you’re daring and want to visit a more recent digital nomad hotspot. Kotor, which is situated directly along a stunning bay, offers stunning vistas, particularly in the spring and summer.

You won’t have to jostle for a place at a cafe to use your computer while most nomads are still unaware of this city. If you’re a blogger or influencer, this is the ideal moment to create your guides for other nomads as well.

You’ll adore this town’s cathedrals, museums, and architecture. Despite the fact that it is a small city in comparison to the others we’ve highlighted, there is always something to do. It’s a great place for people who enjoy the outdoors as well!

In Kotor, living expenses are relatively reasonable. And since they use the Euro, you won’t have to pay fees or conversion charges if you’re from the EU.

Best Cities In Eastern Europe For Digital Nomads
Kotor, Montenegro

6. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia’s Ljubljana is unquestionably the best among the best cities in Eastern Europe for digital nomads if there is such a thing.

Slovenia may have eluded some of you up to this point. In terms of size, it is a small Balkan nation with about 2 million people. Its neighbours include Italy, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, and the former Yugoslav republic of Serbia.

Ljubljana is its capital, and Slovenian is its official language (but nowadays everyone speaks English there).

The Euro is the local currency, and the four distinct seasons and “mild” winters of Slovenia are particularly typical of the region. Though it doesn’t snow as much as in Estonia, it does occasionally.

Ljubljana’s downtown area is about 75% green, it has a world-class coffee culture, and it is remote enough to still be reasonably priced. It’s one of the top tourist destinations in Europe, in my opinion.

7. Paros, Greece

The list of best cities in Eastern Europe for digital nomads won’t be complete without Paros.

Due to its dependable wifi and tranquil atmosphere, Paros is the most accommodating island for digital nomads who operate remotely.

Its structures, which are characteristic of Greek islands and are blue and white, provide the ideal backdrop for content creation.

You can be a part of the first wave to experience the digital nomad movement as it is still in its infancy. It is an island that has to be discovered. The second-largest village on the island, Naousa, is where nomads prefer to stay.

You may be sure that the taverns, restaurants, and pubs will serve you well because it is a distinctive fishing community with a natural port.

Since the summertime is peak travel season, May, September, and October are the ideal months for digital nomads to travel there. There are less crowds and prices are a little more reasonable.

Although the island lacks coworking facilities, there are many cafes where you can set up your laptop. Again, the island’s internet is generally reliable, so you shouldn’t experience any issues there.

Best Cities In Eastern Europe For Digital Nomads
Paros, Greece

8. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The second-largest city in Bulgaria is quickly becoming a popular European travel destination for digital nomads, which makes it one of the best cities in Eastern Europe for digital nomads.

Even while it still has some tough spots, you can find affordable lodging, many of cafés to work from, and some intriguing areas to explore.

Just a two-hour bus or train ride from Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city—another excellent choice for the top cities for digital nomads in Europe—it has that elusive not-too-big, not-too-small sense.

9. Prague, Czech Republic

One of the cheapest cities in the Schengen Area to live in is Prague. Despite using the Czech koruna rather than the Euro (CZK). For comparison, 1 EUR is equivalent to around 25 CZK.

Prague offers outstanding coworking and co-living options in addition to being a cost-effective choice. With their buses and trams, the city is also incredibly simple to navigate.

Prague’s architecture is stunning. Beautiful architecture may be found wherever you go, especially in the Old Town. There are several museums to visit on the weekends, and it has a rich past.

The Czech Republic offers a visa that is ideal for digital nomads if you want to live in Prague. But it’s only open to independent contractors or business owners with some connection to the Czech Republic.

Best Cities In Eastern Europe For Digital Nomads
Prague, Czech Republic

10. Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, is regarded as the center of the nation’s culture. Its low cost of living, international communities, and extensive list of things to do make it a growing hotspot for digital nomads as well.

Many people claim Sofia has a gorgeous side and an ugly side. So if you ever find yourself on the “ugly” side of the city, don’t let your first impressions fool you. There are countless stunning structures, green spaces, and streets to discover.

Additionally, it’s a great city for nomads who enjoy being outside. The surrounding natural area is abundant and reasonably accessible for hiking and other activities.

You won’t have any trouble locating a space to work from. There are several of coworking places and online cafes that accept people like you who are digital nomads. They’re also a fantastic location to network and meet new people.

11. Split, Croatia

Digital nomads frequently visit Croatia, one of their favorite nations.

The marvelous old city of Split, which is housed inside Diocletian’s Palace and runs down the coast, is truly amazing. In the palace and its twisting limestone alleyways, you can find stores, eateries, and cafes.

Croatia uses the Kuna rather than the Euro. Approximately 7.5 Kunas are needed to convert 1 EUR. In comparison to other cities in Europe, Split’s cost of living is likewise rather reasonable.

There aren’t many coworking spaces in the region, but there are lots of cafes with wifi, such D16, which is located inside Diocletian’s Palace. The cappuccino there is superb, and the atmosphere is nice.

You can apply for a Croatian digital nomad visa if you’re a fan of the nation. You are permitted to stay in the nation for up to a year with this visa.

Best Cities In Eastern Europe For Digital Nomads
Split, Croatia

12. Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia is regarded as one of the best cities in Eastern Europe for digital nomads, if you’re familiar with the digital nomad lifestyle.

A digital nomad visa has been issued by Estonia, the first nation in the world, enabling them to live there lawfully for up to 365 days.

With co-working spaces, cafés that welcome laptops, and a low cost of living, it goes without saying that this nation is now among the finest in Europe for digital nomads. The old town of Tallinn is regarded as one of Europe’s most stunning.

Tallinn is an excellent area to immerse yourself in the local digital nomad community and learn more about jobs available to digital nomads if you’re still learning how to be one.

13. Zagreb, Croatia

The Croatian capital made it to the list of best cities in Eastern Europe for digital nomads. Because of its robust internet connection, Zagreb has long been a hotspot for tourists who work remotely.

Zagreb, a contemporary city with many public spaces to work from, is frequently disregarded because it is situated inland and not by the sea. Hub385 is a well-known example of a coworking space. There are multiple levels to this coworking space, which has strong wifi and lots of opportunities for networking.

There are numerous activities available in Zagreb as well. There is something for everyone, including going to museums, shopping, and taking in the well maintained parks and gardens.

Living expenses in Zagreb are also reasonable. For the sum you pay, you’ll discover that life quality is excellent.

Best Cities In Eastern Europe For Digital Nomads
Zagreb, Croatia

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