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Best Wealth Management Banks In Malaysia

Best Wealth Management Banks In Malaysia

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So you’re probably holding a sizable sum of money and are unsure of what to do with it. Do you want to invest it or keep it in the bank? Fortunately, the best wealth management banks in Malaysia can assist you in doing both.

If you are unfamiliar with the capabilities of private banks, don’t be concerned. You might find this list of Malaysia’s top private banking institutions to be informative.

A wide variety of banking and financial services are provided by Malaysian banks, some of which are the biggest in Southeast Asia.

The 1959-founded Bank Negara Malaysia oversees all financial institutions in the nation. It acts as the nation’s central bank and is in charge of fostering economic and monetary stability.

5 Best Wealth Management Banks in Malaysia

1. Malayan Banking Berhad – Maybank

In terms of both market capitalization and total assets, Maybank is the biggest bank in the nation.

Additionally, it is one of Southeast Asia’s biggest banks. Through its extensive network of 2,626 offices, which spans 10 ASEAN countries and major financial centers, it offers a wide variety of banking products and services.

In The Banker’s Top 1000 World Banks for 2020, Maybank came in at number 106. The top Islamic bank in the Asia-Pacific region is Maybank Islamic, the bank’s division dedicated to Islamic banking.

In terms of assets, it is also the fifth-largest Islamic bank globally. The Kuala Lumpur-based Maybank was established in 1960.

Maybank Private Banking Account

One of the best wealth management banks in Malaysia is Maybank. Its Private Banking Account offers customers impressive exclusive privileges and high-interest rates.

It also includes free personal accident insurance coverage up to RM50,000 and free accident-related medical coverage up to RM3,000, in addition to competitive, higher-tiered interest rates.

Along with providing a private banking recognition card in the form of the Maybank Premier Wealth Debit Card, it also provides its customers with a convenient banking experience.

Additionally, frequent travellers would value the convenience of accessing Maybank Premier Wealth Services and Centers nationwide, as well as MEPS ATMs and CIRRUS networks globally.

Maybank Private Banking Account also offers a concierge service to make appointments with the bank hassle-free.

Special Features:

  • Higher-tiered interest rates
  • Free personal accident insurance
  • Free accident-related medical coverage
  • Concierge service

2. OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad

The oldest local bank in Singapore, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited, or OCBC, owns OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad. In addition to consumer and business banking, investment, Islamic banking, and treasury, the bank also offers a variety of other financial services.

It is one of the biggest foreign banks in Malaysia in terms of assets and has over 46 branches.

OCBC Premier Private Client

OCBC Bank, with its Premier Private Client program, is one of the best wealth management banks in Malaysia for privileged banking. It unlocks doors to increased wealth and exciting, upscale privileges.

By giving you exclusive access to investments that are made specifically for you, this choice for the best private banking and wealth management in Malaysia enables you to maximize your wealth.

It even includes specialized wealth management services, such as wealth planning, business banking solutions, and wealth and credit products.

The most exciting benefits, however, are the opportunities for invitations to exclusive events and even preferential treatment across Asia for investors.

Special Features:

  • Exclusive access to investments
  • Comes with weather and credit products, business banking solutions, and wealth planning
  • Be invited to exclusive events
  • Get preferential service across Asia
  • For high-net-worth individuals
Best Wealth Management Banks In Malaysia
OCBC Bank. Photo from Cryptopolitan.

3. United Overseas Bank (Malaysia)

United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB), a multinational banking company based in Singapore, offers a variety of banking services including personal finance, corporate finance, asset management, investment, and insurance.

UOB is in charge of a network that includes 68 branches in Singapore and more than 500 offices spread across 19 different countries in the Asia-Pacific, as well as Western Europe and North America. As United Chinese Bank, the bank was established in 1935. (UCB).

UOB Private Bank

UOB Private Bank, one of the top banks for privileged banking and one of the best wealth management banks in Malaysia, aims to satisfy your needs for both personal and business wealth.

In addition to offering you the standard day-to-day banking services, this company offering the best private banking and wealth management in Malaysia also provides credit solutions, such as residential and commercial property loans, to help you meet your financial objectives.

The UOB staff will collaborate closely with you to safeguard your wealth so that future generations can benefit from it. They have a multi-disciplinary advisory desk that offers guidance on dual-currency investments as well as bonds, unit trusts, private equity, and structured products.

People who are actively looking for ways to secure their finances should definitely use this bank for the best private banking and wealth management in Malaysia.

Special Features:

  • Day-to-day banking services
  • Credit solutions
  • A multidisciplinary advisory desk that advises on bonds, unit trust, etc.

4. HSBC Malaysia Bank Berhad

With a network of more than 60 branches across the nation, HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad, a subsidiary of HSBC Holdings plc, is the biggest foreign-owned bank in the nation.

The bank, which was established in Malaysia in 1994, provides Islamic banking services for both individuals and businesses. It established HSBC Amanah Malaysia Berhad, a subsidiary for Islamic banking, in 2007.

HSBC Private Banking

The fact that HSBC Private Banking connects clients to opportunities to increase their wealth makes it one of the best wealth management banks in Malaysia.

The bank offers lending services for people, families, and businesses in addition to banking services. Additionally, it offers its clients opportunities for international investments.

However, this private bank’s best feature is its assistance with wealth management, whether you want to increase, manage, or preserve your wealth. They also offer assistance with issues like family business governance, succession planning, and philanthropic support.

Special Features:

Best Wealth Management Banks In Malaysia
HSBC. Photo from PYMNTS.com

5. Citi Private Bank

Wealthy people, seasoned investors, family offices, attorneys, and law firms are just a few of the diverse clientele that Citi Private Bank serves.

They discuss the fundamentals of private banking, including banking services, international investments, trust and wealth planning, as well as succession planning.

However, this bank also provides distinctive services, making it the best privileged bank and one of the best wealth management banks in Malaysia.

For instance, they help clients navigate the world of art by advising them on which works to buy that will appreciate in value over time. Their aircraft specialists can also give you advice on which aircraft to buy so that you can travel more affordably.

These are just two of the features that make this Malaysia’s best option for privilege banking and wealth management that we love. The majority of other banks do not offer these services.

Special Features:

  • Wide range of clientele
  • Banking services, global investments, trust and wealth planning, and succession planning
  • Unique services such as art advisory and aircraft finance

Final Thoughts

You will be able to easily increase your wealth while receiving a number of additional benefits when you work with one of these best wealth management banks in Malaysia.

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