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19 Best Countries For Black Expats

19 Best Countries For Black Expats

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Black Americans, are you prepared to move abroad? Here are the best countries for black expats.

One trend that is likely to endure as we emerge from the pandemic is adaptability. Both businesses and self-employed individuals will probably switch to a hybrid work model where they can essentially work from anywhere in the world.

Given the ongoing racial unrest and tension that plagues the Black community, many people of color who travel prioritize their safety and general well-being and are eager to experience life abroad.

Thinking about moving? Here are the 19 best countries for black expats to move to.

19 Best Countries For Black Expats

1. Mexico

Mexico is one of the best countries for black expats. Because Mexico offers an extraordinary quality of life at a significantly lower cost of living, black expats and digital nomads adore the country.

Due to its sizable black ex-pat and digital nomad population, Tulum, a beach town in Mexico, has earned the moniker “Atlanta of Mexico.

Black in Tulum, a Facebook group with over 21,000 members, can help you get in touch with the Black community there.

Black expats and nomads appear to adore Tulum, a town where the jungle and the ocean collide, as it is a place where they feel safe and are spoiled for choice when it comes to delectable food, delightful weather, a welcoming community, and gorgeous beaches.

2. Belize

One of the wisest moves you ever make will be to relocate to Belize. It is one of the best countries for black expats. 

You will never get bored in Belize because of the variety of its natural beauty, from its beaches to its rain forests, and because the cost of living is still regarded as being low.

The significant Black history and culture in Belize will especially appeal to Black tourists, who will also feel at home there. The majority of people in Belize are of African descent, more than in any other country in Central America, according to research from Hampton University.

“Bile up” is a Belizean creole dish made with boiled eggs, fish, or pigtails along with plantains, yams, and tomato sauce if you want to experience Afro-Belizean cuisine.

19 Best Countries For Black Expats
An expat in Belize. Image from Travel Noir.

3. Colombia

Black expats and digital nomads have long found Colombia to be a desirable location due to the variety of experiences and landscapes available there. Colombia is one of the best countries for black expats.

In addition to having consistently great weather, Colombia has lower living expenses than many other places in Latin America.

Due to their robust infrastructure, Cartagena, Medelln, Bogotá, Cali, Barranquilla, and the San Andrés Islands appear to be popular travel destinations for expats and nomads.

The Caribbean coast of Colombia enjoys a vibrant tropical climate with consistently warm temperatures, making it the ideal location for expats who want to unwind on a beach during the winter.

4. Spain

One of Western Europe’s most affordable places to live is Spain. Barcelona is a fantastic location for those of you considering relocation when you take into account all of that and the fact that there is a successful and thriving expat community.

Barcelona is the ideal location with something to offer everyone, including Black families or singles. It is the capital of Catalonia.

Spain is contentious, and opinions vary depending on where you are in the region, so we want to be upfront about it. However, other expats have embraced and enjoyed their stay, contrary to the claims of some that the further south you go, the more anti-Black it becomes. Simply be cautious.

5. Brazil

Brazil is is one of the best countries for black expats. A fun fact about Brazil is that it has the highest percentage of black people outside of Africa.

There are sizable populations of Afro-Brazilians from various parts of Africa in Brazil’s cities like Recife (Pernambuco), Salvador de Bahia (Salvador), Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro), and Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo).

Brazil is home to some of South America’s busiest cities, which provide a lively, eclectic experience. The country also has excellent weather and a diverse cultural landscape in many of its regions.

Brazil has a long history of embracing Black and African culture in its music, art, cuisine, and sense of national identity, which is why black tourists and expats adore the country.

Brazilians are friendly, outgoing individuals who adore social interaction, and they love to party so much!

6. Canada

If you want to experience a diverse culture without traveling too far, Montreal is a great option. The best part, though? Canada is rated highly as one of the world’s most multicultural nations. As such, the country is one of the best countries for black expats.

Montreal is a [underrated] foodie city with the highest density of restaurants per resident in Canada.

There is no doubt that the culinary scene will be diverse and that you will be welcomed by the locals because of the country’s strong African and Caribbean cultures.

7. Senegal

Senegal’s stunning beaches, lively culture, varied landscape, and mouthwatering cuisine entice tourists from all over the world. Senegal is one of the best countries for black expats.

The “Paris of Africa” is Dakar, the nation’s capital. 

The majority of expats discover that they can live comfortably on around $1,500 per month, and the average temperatures are hot but manageable.

Black visitors adore Dakar for its relaxed atmosphere, welcoming locals, stunning beaches, and vibrant live music scene.

Senegal is ideal for black expats, travelers, and nomads seeking to flee the racist culture of the United States.

Senegal’s monthly cost of living is an average of $1,500.

19 Best Countries For Black Expats
Local children on a beach in Senegal. Image from Flickr.

8. Norway

Norway is one of the best countries for black expats. In addition to being one of Europe’s most livable cities, Oslo, Norway, is also praised by many expats for providing them with all the big city vibes they seek without being overrun by people. 

Many claim that Oslo’s level of peace and safety is unmatched, despite the fact that it is one of the most expensive cities in the world. For Black expats moving from the US, Norway is a significant change because it is regarded as one of the safest nations in the world.

One of the main things that caught my attention on Candace’s blog was the fact that many Black ex-pats observed how Scandinavian cities like Oslo lacked institutionalized systematic racism. 

One Black woman expat observed that locals did not refer to her by her race when greeting her; rather, they just saw her as an American. For Black women seeking a serene, tranquil location to reside outside of the United States, this is a breath of fresh air.

9. Ghana

For Black people relocating to West Africa, Ghana is a popular choice. As such, it is one of the best countries for black expats.

Ghana’s hospitable residents, delicious cuisine, and relaxed atmosphere make it a favorite among black expats. Despite the fact that the nation is home to hundreds of regional tongues, English is also widely spoken everywhere.

The infrastructure and readily available wifi in Ghana’s capital, Accra, attract a lot of nomads and expats.

Accra’s sizable expat community of African Americans and Black Britons makes it simple for new expats to settle and connect with others.

Although Accra is pricey by Ghanaian standards, expats who earn foreign currency find it to be reasonably priced.

If you relocate with your kids to the city, it will be simple to find a top-notch education thanks to the abundance of international schools there.

10. South Korea

Being a foreigner in Seoul will make you stand out like a sore thumb because South Korea is one of the most homogeneous societies in the world. The country is one of the best countries for black expats.

Despite this, the South Korean city is still friendlier to Black women than many locations in the US.

The city of Seoul is known as the “Soul of Asia,” and many visitors fall in love with it. Both the locals and the expat population in the city are welcoming. However, you should be aware that Seoul experiences extreme weather in the summer and winter.

11. Costa Rica

Due to its social equality, low cost of living, welcoming population, tropical climate, and stunning natural surroundings, Costa Rica is one of the best countries for black expats, digital nomads, and retirees.

Costa Rica is renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery, warm climate, and Pura Vida lifestyle.

African ancestry can be traced back to more than 4 million Costa Ricans. Because of this, Costa Rica is especially appealing to black tourists who want to discover and engage with Afro-Caribbean culture while taking advantage of a warm climate and a low cost of travel.

Because of its developed infrastructure, including its accessible utilities and healthcare, Costa Rica is a favorite among expats.

12. Singapore

Singapore is among the most expensive cities in the world to live in, similar to Oslo, Norway. It remains one of the best countries for Black expats, though.

Southeast Asian nation of Singapore is home to some of the world’s top medical facilities. One Black expat claimed that while living in Singapore, she completely forgot what racism was like and that the city-rich, state’s diverse culture had a lot to offer.

13. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Black expats frequently choose to relocate to Dubai, with many settling in Jumeirah.

Jumeirah is renowned for its cultural diversity in addition to being the location of one of Dubai’s most well-known beaches.

In Jumeirah, there are a variety of establishments that cater particularly to black expats, including real estate offices, salons, and even churches.

Black History Month in February and The Africa Day Festival in the month of July are two additional events that are held throughout the year specifically for black expats.

Dubai offers a global networking scene rich in business opportunities despite not being a cheap city.

Dubai’s largest population is made up of immigrants from all over the world.

14. Switzerland

One of the most multicultural cities in the world, Geneva is also one of the priciest. However, it still ranks as one of the top cities for Black women to live in 2022.

It’s understandable that many Black ex-pats choose to make Switzerland their home given that it’s one of the safest and happiest countries in the world.

The Swiss city has excellent public transportation and is very environmentally friendly. Geneva, which is surrounded by mountains and other picturesque landscapes, is a great location all year round for outdoor activities and adventures.

15. Panama

A popular destination for black expats is Panama.

Geographically and in terms of lifestyle, Panama is a country of extremes. Everybody can have a unique experience in Panama, which offers everything from thriving cities like Panama City to sleepy villages hidden among the dense jungle.

Afro-Panamanian people make up more than 20% of the population.

Panama is a popular destination for retirees looking for year-round tropical weather, in addition to being frequented by many black expats for a variety of reasons.

Expect a friendly welcome from locals in Panama if you decide to travel there because they are accustomed to having visitors from all over the world enter their homes on a daily basis.

16. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a popular choice for Black women looking for a new home because there are over 10,000 Black expats living there. Because of how many people adore the amazing Asian cuisine Hong Kong has to offer, the city is actually the restaurant capital of the world.

There are many options for housing in Hong Kong, which also has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. It’s unfortunate that some people have complained about how crowded and small the Chinese city is, so that might be a problem if you need some space.

19 Best Countries For Black Expats
An expat couple in Hong Kong. Image from Prestige Hong Kong.

17. Thailand

For Black expats and nomads, Thailand ranks among the top travel destinations in the world. As such, it is one of the best countries for black expats.

You can easily meld into one of the many expat communities there are.

Bangkok, according to many travel bloggers, is the perfect destination for black tourists (and their wallets).

Thailand has some of the best weather in the world, warm seas, and a stunning landscape that is sure to relax anyone at home.

Thailand is ideal if you want to live comfortably while also being adventurous.

Additionally, it is said that Thailand has some of Asia’s best nightlife scenes.

All seasons are suitable for outdoor activities thanks to the warm weather. And even if you don’t speak Thai, a lot of Thai people can speak English, so getting assistance isn’t difficult.

18. United Kingdom

London, a different global city, is home to more than 8 million people. It is twice as big as New York and is the biggest city in Europe.

However, the city is filled with amazing amenities, has many old alleys, and culture is ingrained throughout.

19. Portugal

Black expats and digital nomads have started to travel frequently to Portugal in recent years. The country has become one of the best countries for black expats.

Many expats come here in search of a higher standard of living than what they can find at home.

You won’t be alone because Portugal has a sizable African population due to its former colonies like Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, So Tomé e Prncipe, and Mozambique. There are black people everywhere, actually.

You might see some traditional African dances like capoeira or maculelê performed on the streets of the city if you happen to visit Lisbon during Carnival (they have their own).

In Portugal, you’ll feel right at home if you’re an expat.

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