12 Best Banks In The Cayman Islands

12 Best Banks In The Cayman Islands

12 Best Banks In The Cayman Islands

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What are the best banks in the Cayman Islands? We will discuss that in this article.

The Cayman Islands are arguably one of the first nations that spring to mind when you think about offshore banking. That is what is frequently depicted in films.

Hollywood’s portrayal of Cayman’s financial industry is far different from reality. As the compliance rules are getting higher, it is no longer a location for dishonest people to conceal money.

Now you know why Cayman Islands banking has such a good reputation. They rank as the fifth-largest financial hub and are a global financial leader. Three-quarters of the world’s hedge funds are held by them, together with deposits worth about $7 billion.

There’s another cause why why opening a bank account there is becoming more challenging. They can afford to impose tight compliance standards to make sure that all incoming money is pure and from just the top clients since they aren’t genuinely desperate for your business.

The Cayman Islands are the pinnacle of offshore financial centers. The hedge funds are all there since it is one of the priciest areas to incorporate a business. Only the richest people establish businesses in Cayman.

It is more costly than the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong. Compared to Belize and the Seychelles, it is far more costly. Simply said, bargain hunters should avoid it.

Banking in the Cayman Islands, however, might be a top choice for you if you can pay the costs, have residence in the nation or close links to it, and have money to invest.

In this post, we’ll go over best banks in the Cayman Islands, the banking system there, the kinds of profiles that work well there, and how to create an account in the Cayman Islands.

Banking System In The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands have 158 banks in total. The majority of these enormous numbers of banks are branches of international banks.

The Cayman Islands are regarded as one of the world’s top financial hubs. Deposits of about US $80 billion are being made through Cayman Islands-based institutions.

According to the Banks and Trust Companies Law, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority primarily grants the following licenses in the banking industry.

“Category A”: This license enables banks to conduct business both domestically and abroad. These banks are also permitted to offer services to both domestic and foreign clients. In the Cayman Islands, only 11 banks are granted a “Category A” banking license.

“Category B”: This license enables banks to offer domestic banking services to territory residents only and international banking services to territory non-residents only. A “Category B” banking license is made available to the remaining 147 institutions.

Why Bank With The Best Banks In The Cayman Islands

You could think about opening a bank account in the Cayman Islands because it is one of the top financial hubs in the globe. Banking there offers many wonderful advantages.

You could find some of the most accomplished and learned bankers in this British Overseas Territory.

They provide excellent expertise about the non-resident and even international banking scene as well as a variety of instruments to help your nomad capitalist lifestyle because they deal with foreign banking on a regular basis.

Its offerings are comparable to those of other premier offshore financial institutions.

They provide excellent solutions for wealth and estate management, asset management, tax planning with a focus on legal compliance, reliable banking options, and other excellent investment services.

It is also important to note that the UK has never actually intervened to assert its control over the Cayman Islands since things there are managed so efficiently. Instead, the islands are left mostly alone.

The advantages of banking in the Cayman Islands are much larger if you are a resident.

Apart from its natural beauty and good quality of life, the Cayman Islands is recognized for being a tax haven, with no income tax, wealth or inheritance tax, property tax, or even business tax.

Hence, unless you have tax commitments in other nations, you may potentially relocate to the Cayman Islands and decrease your tax burden to zero.

As you can see, there’s a good reason why banking there is expensive. The high level of stability has drawn the top banks and prompted local company incorporation.

Also, it has stunning landscape and top-notch lifestyle opportunities, making it a very liveable location. The Cayman Islands are skilled at serving the wealthy clientele.

12 Best Banks In The Cayman Islands

1. Cayman National Bank

A banking license in “Category A” has been granted to Cayman National Bank, one of the best banks in the Cayman Islands. This bank’s corporate headquarters are in Grand Cayman.

Almost 43 years ago, in 1974, it was founded. Financial services and goods including fund management, internet banking, and investment services have all been offered.

Cayman National Bank had bought assets worth KYD 1.44 billion in total as of the end of 2019. The bank’s overall revenue that year was KYD 24.6 million.

2. Cainvest Bank and Trust Limited

This bank is very new n the Cayman Islands. A “Category A” banking license has been granted to it. Cainvest International Bank Ltd was established as a result of this bank’s 1994 acquisition of Intertrust Bank (Cayman) Limited.

The name was then changed to Cainvest Bank and Trust Ltd in 2015. George Town is where this bank’s headquarters are.

Customers from both domestic and foreign markets can use this bank’s private banking and investment services. They are also present in Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil. It is now one of the best banks in the Cayman Islands.

Best Banks In The Cayman Islands
Cainvest Bank logo. Image from Cainvest.

3. Merrill Lynch Bank and Trust Company (Cayman) Ltd.

A “Category A” banking license has been granted to it. This bank, which is one of the best banks in the Cayman Islands, is well known for its management of banking and trust-related matters.

Moreover, Merrill Lynch Bank and Trust Company (Cayman) Ltd. provides assistance to the trusts’ affiliates, which may include wealthy people, client companies, financial institutions, etc.

Also, this bank provides a wide range of financial services and products, including secured loans, foreign currency, deposits from high-net-worth people, etc.

4. Butterfield Bank

Butterfield Bank, one of the best banks in the Cayman Islands, provides excellent services for trust and estate planning, private banking and asset management through their branches worldwide.

You may want to make contact with one of the major banks before they would even consider you, and solid reference letters from your bank and work that detail your income and money management over the previous three years will be crucial.

5. Fidelity Bank (Cayman) Ltd.

The bank holds a “Category A” banking license. Over 37 years ago, in 1980, this bank was founded. A leading provider of financial services in the Cayman Islands is Fidelity Bank (Cayman) Ltd., one of the best banks in the Cayman Islands.

Customers of all stripes, both domestic and foreign, are served by it. It offers a wide selection of monetary goods and services, including international banking and insurance. Also, a “Category A” banking license is held by it.

6. Alexandria Bancorp Ltd.

The bank is licensed as a “Category B” bank. It was created in 1990, over 27 years ago. It is one of the Cayman Islands’ most important foreign banks.

Alexandria Bancorp Ltd., one of the best banks in the Cayman Islands, is considerate since it can give overseas clientele both trustee and banking  services. Alexandria Bancorp Ltd.’s primary areas of focus include wealth management, private banking, and corporate & trust services.

7. CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank

While it is headquartered in Canada, CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank provides a range of services in the Cayman Islands, such as premium personal and business accounts, corporate and investment banking services, and customized and managed investment portfolios.

Best Banks In The Cayman Islands
A branch of CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank. Image from Wikipedia.

8. Trident Trust Company (Cayman) Ltd.

Owner of a “Category B” banking license is Trident Trust Company (Cayman) Ltd. In addition to other banks, it primarily services high net worth individuals, legal companies, brokerage houses, and accountancy firms.

Over 800 individuals have been hired by it. The bank is present in The Caribbean, America, Asia, the Middle East,  Africa, and Europe.

9. Alhambra Bank & Trust Ltd.

The banking license for this bank is “Category B.” It was just three years ago, in the year 2014, when it was formed.

More financial and investment services are available through it. Its primary target market is high net worth people who can make sizable deposits into the bank’s accounts.

Alhambra Bank & Trust Ltd. offers services to non-US citizens, and they have imposed a $1 million US minimum deposit requirement for high net worth people.

10. VBT Bank & Trust Ltd.

This bank is authorized to do “Category B” banking. It is a notable stock exchange participant from the Cayman Islands. VBT Holdings Ltd. fully owns this bank as its subsidiary.

This bank changed its name to Venecredit Bank & Trust Ltd. in 1998 after purchasing Venecredit International Banking Ltd.

After the change of name to Venecredit Bank & Trust Ltd., it was again changed to VBT Bank & Trust Ltd. in 2012.

11. Sackville Bank and Trust Company Ltd.

This bank, which is one of the best banks in the Cayman Islands, is a small, exclusive institution. It is one of the notable boutique banks in the Cayman Islands that offers fiduciary services for corporate and trust entities.

Moreover, it provides custodial services and solutions for strategic investments. Moreover, it operates as a separate bank.

12. Queensgate Bank and Trust Company Ltd.

Queensgate Bank and Trust Company Ltd.’s primary areas of business include accounting, investment funds, banking services, and trust and company administration.

A “Category B” banking license is also held by this bank. It was founded in 1990, or almost 27 years ago. The Norwegian Ugland Group includes this bank as a member.

Is Banking With The Best Banks In The Cayman Islands For You?

To create a bank account in the Cayman Islands nowadays, you must have some kind of link to the nation. If you want to establish an offshore corporation or become a resident, you have a few possibilities.

If you are a non-resident with no links to the Cayman Islands, you should begin your search elsewhere.

It is one of the most challenging jurisdictions in which to create a personal or business account as a non-resident. They just aren’t desperate for the millions of dollars that you can bring into the islands.

It is possible to create an account as a non-resident provided you can demonstrate links to the islands, even if you are not there, although it is not without trouble.

Be prepared to put in more effort since you will be scrutinized more closely and need to provide more paperwork, documentation, and financial tracking. Yet, if you have contacts, anything is possible.

In terms of demonstrating a connection or relationship to the islands, it is not necessary to dwell there; rather, you must have a resident permit, connections to the local economy, or familial links.

You’ll also have a greater chance of opening a bank account if you’re a non-resident who intends to establish obvious links with the Cayman Islands.

They’ll at least take a look at you if you’re someone wanting to settle down or if you’re joining a company that currently operates there.

Trust and investment firms are an industry that would fit well with Cayman Islands banking.

There are banking choices for clients who have trust money to manage and invest, particularly those with ties to the islands.

If you are a citizen of the United States is another crucial consideration. You won’t be concealing anything from the US taxman if you bank in the Cayman Islands to benefit from the zero tax policy.

You must record any interest or income received in your Cayman accounts since the US has dramatically tightened reporting requirements, particularly in these well-known tax havens. No information may be concealed.

In conclusion, having a relationship with a bank, having a lot of money to deposit or invest, or having some sort of personal, residential, or business link to the Cayman Islands are all generally necessary for having a profile that is compatible with banking in the Cayman Islands.

Best Banks In The Cayman Islands
George Town, Cayman Islands. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

How To Open A Bank Account In The Cayman Islands

When creating an offshore bank account, there are a few fundamental guidelines to be aware of, and the Cayman Islands are no exception. Contact your bank to find out what they anticipate, and then arrive dressed appropriately and ready to respond to their inquiries.

The banks are specifically searching for a strong justification for why you would like to bank in the Cayman Islands and they want to evaluate the risk they are incurring by opening an account for you.

They will carry out their required due diligence as well as a thorough investigation into your identity and the sources of your past and future financial support.

The days of concealing shady cash and setting up front businesses to avoid having your name appear on any accounts are long gone. You must be forthright and sincere.

Your financial history will be the first collection of documents a bank requests. To get a sense of how you handled your account, your new bank will ask you some details about how long you’ve been a customer of your current banking institution, your average balance over a number of years, and specifics about your transactions.

A professional reference will be required if you don’t have a home bank, and it must be sent in its original form to the Cayman Islands bank. To be qualified for the new account, the letter must include mention your spouse if you’re married.

After that, you’ll need to present proof of your financial support. Examples of these include documents like a rental agreement that details your rental property revenue or a letter from your employer outlining your pay.

Also, you’ll require proof of your identity and place of origin in the form of documentation. You must present a driver’s license or passport as identification. You must present a recent (older than three months) power bill as evidence of residency.

You’ll be required to talk about and prove your national affiliation. Banks take this duty seriously and will examine your claims.

If your links to Cayman are a bit looser, it would be beneficial to build a connection with a bank or banker who can occasionally be a little more flexible on what counts as a tie to the nation.

If you’ll be working for a firm in the Cayman Islands, you’ll need to present a letter from your employer there outlining your start date, place within the organization, and compensation.

Certain banks, as mentioned above, provide services that enable non-residents to open bank accounts in Cayman without traveling to the islands.

A current foreign address, additional evidence proving your identity, multiple verified documents, and proof of your cash’ source will all be required. They’ll also need bank references, which is the last but not least.

Without a doubt, you’ll want a large sum of money as an initial deposit in order to start an account.

The deposit amount will differ from bank to bank and may also be influenced by your connection with your banker, but generally speaking, you can anticipate the deposit to be in the $50,000–$100,000 area for a respectable bank.

The deposit requirement will be much greater if you’re considering Cayman Islands private banking solutions.

There are several businesses that will assist you in opening an account in Cayman for around $1,000. Many will promise you a client. Best wishes.

There, opening an account has become more challenging due to tougher compliance regulations. Avoid being duped by promises of success that are made by others; talk to a financial planner.

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